Never let go of your Childhood Enthusiasm

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Today I’m going to ask beg you to never let go of your childhood enthusiasm. Do you remember what it felt like when you wanted something badly when you were a child? Can you remember that intense desire to explore, learn and to accomplish? If you still have it, then that’s great but hear me out if you don’t know what I mean:

When you’re a child, you are often encouraged

When you’re young and someone asks you; “What do you want to be/do when you’re older?” You reply excitedly with an often impressive and ambitious answer, which changes several times over the course of your childhood. Usually, the enquirer mirrors your jubilant tone and confirms to you that “You can be whatever you want to be.” Happy Days! Off you toddle, safe in the knowledge that the world really is your oyster. When you are a child you are constantly praised for your gusto, your thirst for knowledge and your restless spirit.

Fast forward to the present day; maybe you’ve still got strong desires. Maybe you’ve forgot about them (like most people do). And if you do have them you’re sure as hell not going to talk about them. How sad. Where did it all go wrong?

When you’re an adult, you are often discouraged

When you’re an adult and you share your enthusiasm and dare to tell someone about your large-scale ideas, aspirations, and desires for a better life; you generally get a negative response. OH, the deception! You’ve been conditioned in your earlier years to believe that you can move mountains and change the world and now you’re being told this isn’t so? No wonder people get so angry or down-hearted; they’ve just witnessed the biggest lie since Santa Claus! So after years of building it up, your child-hood enthusiasm is smashed into pieces by words such as “be realistic” and “grow up!”

And now for the good news

You can reclaim your childhood enthusiasm and the naysayers aren’t right. You just happened to give them the power, now it’s time to take it back.

“Be realistic”

You make your own realism in this life. When somebody puts you down and tells you that you need to be realistic, all they are saying is “I don’t believe that this is possible due to my lack of belief and conviction in myself.” It’s not a reflection of what is possible for YOU. Of course when a person you are close to tells you to be realistic, it can hurt. At times you may even be inclined to agree with them. It’s human nature to want to find a place to fit in and to belong to a status quo. Don’t give them permission to steal your enthusiasm; hold on tight. Henry Ford was told to “be realistic” when he first started promoting the car because horses were “realistically” good enough to get around. Go to your local supermarket and tell me if you see people trotting outside and parking up their horses.

“Grow up”

The real translation of this extremely rude phrase is something like; “Society has its expectations for you and you should accept that’s just the way things are, stop trying to live the life you want and become a full-time people pleaser.”

Is this growing up or is it giving up???

Sure, you have to make adult decisions in life. I’m not saying be immature, quit your responsibilities and go back to your tree house. I’m just saying that eagerness that you felt as a kid, that zest for life and the desire to learn and want more; win it back and hold on to it. Allow yourself to day dream.

I don’t care if you’re 5 or 85; hold on tight and never let go.

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  1. Melisa Reply

    ¡Me encantó este artículo! Siempre le digo a mis alumnitos que pueden ser lo que quieran, y son ellos los que me demuestran a mí que eso es posible. Nunca dejes de soñar =) xx

    1. Anth1892 Reply

      Por supuesto Melisa 🙂 Nunca nunca. Estoy muy feliz que te gusta 🙂

  2. Alastair Humphreys Reply

    I love this on your About page:

    It’s about facing adversity.

    It’s acting in spite of fear.

    It’s being gutsy.

    It’s about being yourself, living the life you want to live- while making no apologies.

    1. Anth1892 Reply

      Thanks man, that really means a lot. The site is only a baby and I have stressed many times over modifying that page. I’m looking forward to reading more of your stuff at

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