My background Checks with and for the FBI

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When I applied for the FBI my background checks were immense. Here is a list of what an FBI check includes and also if you want to work for the FBI what extra they will do. When people apply for a new job it may require an FBI check. If they have been in a little trouble, nothing major, they may begin to feel worried about this and then wonder what will be shown on the check. The FBI part of the title puts people on edge, but if you think if you were applying for the FBI they would do an FBI check on you and then it makes a little more sense and feels a bit less intimidating.

The reason for a check can be to ensure that you are who you say you are, that you have the required skills and qualifications to do the job you have applied for and also to check if there are any issues in your past, financial or otherwise that will make them think twice about hiring you.

They will therefore look to see if you have any criminal activity in your past from minor misdemeanors to major crimes. There will also be a credit report which will show your ability to maintain and control your finances. It will look at whether you have been bankrupt and will also check any addresses that you have stated on your application forms.

When the FBI discloses the information to the employer they do so under a code of secrecy whereby the employer has to keep the information safe and be very discrete regarding what they have learned. They can use the information to turn down the candidate.

For those actually going to work for the FBI their fingerprints will also be taken and compared to any fingerprints already held on the database. Your fingerprints will be flagged as a match, even if they were taking to eliminate you from enquiries. The problem will be if you failed to mention that they were taken and why before they find the match. Also, they will obviously look into the circumstances of why they were taken and make their own judgements on this. They may want to ask you about this before they make their decision.

If the job you have applied for will take you out into the streets, then further checks will be required. Your family and friends may be asked to attend an informal interview and they might delve into your past, deep, deep into your past over the last ten years. Obviously, a job with the FBI is of high importance to the safety of the streets of the USA, they are going to want to put you through every possible scrutiny to ensure that you can be trusted, are not a member of a criminal organization and that you won’t succumb to financial bribes. This could depend on your family situation e.g. if you have a sick member of the family. The FBI must be seen to eliminate anyone who may be a threat to security no matter how small the threat may be. They can not be seen to take any risks.

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