Managing Symptoms of “Hay Fever”

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Managing Symptoms of “Hay Fever”

Hay fever is an allergic condition or commonly known as allergic rhinitis. It happens when allergy reaction occurs caused by pollen or dust. When your body mistakenly reacts to a harmless substance the production of histamine will increase and leads to the reaction.

You will start to feel itchiness and inflammation in your eyes and nose. Other people will also experience watery eyes. If there is no proper medication it can cause so much pain and irritation, however, let me tell you what are the best ways to manage ‘hay fever” symptoms.

Know what are the symptoms

In order to know the right medications to use, you should know what are the symptoms of Hay Fever. The symptoms include runny nose, blocked nose, sneezing, watery eyes that maybe itchy, itchy nose, itchy skin, itchy throat, itchy ears, blocked sinuses, shortness of breath, wheezing or coughing, sinus pain or pressure, sometimes cough, headache and fatigue. T

hese are not the complete list of symptoms you may feel if you are having an unusual feeling then consult your doctor right away. Fortunately, there are over the counter medications you can use like Loratadine, Brompheniramine, Cetirizine or any antihistamine. It treats symptoms of hay fever caused by allergy reactions. You can also use a Loratadine discount coupon to avail rebates.

Start It At Home

When you have hay fever it is better to stay at home to get some rest while your body is still fighting against the allergy reaction. There are a lot of treatments and ways you can do to get rid of these symptoms while you are at home. Once you get into the house, make sure to change your clothes right away. Pollen or dust can stick to your clothes and if it will stay longer to you it can cause sneezing.

When washing your clothes make sure to dry it inside the house instead of drying it outside. Pollens may stick to the clothes again. Other ways you can do to make sure that you are free from pollen or dust allergen are rinsing your hair regularly, keep your pets clean, hide from pollen counts, keep your windows at home closed and avoid gardening.

Avoid Possible Causes of Hay Fever Even When Outside

We cannot avoid going outside especially that we need to work, go to school or even getting some food. However, you can still protect yourself from this allergen. When you go out to choose the sunglasses carefully, defend your nose, stop smoking, leave the city and try to go in the seaside. It can help you to calm the symptoms when you will be refreshed by the sea breeze.

Watch Out The Food You Eat

What you eat has a big impact in treating hay fever. It is the food we put inside our body and it will be the source of our energy. Here are some of the food that you might consider to eat while fighting against hay fever. Eat a spicy meal, it can help you to breathe easily because when you eat spicy food it widens the airways of your nose. Choose the ingredients of the food you eat, try drinking a tea, stay away from the food who are rich in histamine, avoid alcohol.


No one wants to be sick or to have any kind of illness. However, because of a heavy workload and forgetting to rest due to a busy schedule your body will give up. When it happens to you, that would be the only time that you will realize the importance of taking care of your body. It is better to avoid them, eat healthy food that is rich in vitamins to strengthen the immune system.

Drink plenty of water and give your 30 minutes in a day to exercise and don’t forget to rest. You are the pilot of your body, what you give is what you get. In managing the symptoms of hay fever, always do the right thing and avoid the things that can trigger the allergy reaction. Take medications that can help you relieve the symptoms.

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