Making the Best Out of Your CBD Oil: How to Maximize Its Efficiency

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CBD stands for cannabidiol, the non-psychoactive substance (unlike THC) which is found in the cannabis plant. Multiple health benefits, alongside the substance’s inability to get people high has led to CBD garnering the interests of researchers from all over the world. As a result of the positive research results, it is both legal and quite easy to order wholesale CBD oil and isolates online nowadays, as long as the buyer plans to utilize the products for medicinal/health supplement production and/or consumption.

What are the Benefits of CBD?

It has been found that cannabidiol in various forms, especially as an oil, can provide relief against a number of neurological disorders such as the occurrence and frequency of seizures, chronic anxiety, depression, insomnia, restlessness,  and even joint pain. More research is ongoing regarding the potential benefits of the cannabis plant that can prove to be revolutionary for modern medicine in the future.

Is There a Way to Maximize the Effects of CBD?

While it can be argued that there is practically no “wrong” way of consuming cannabidiol, the beneficial effects of the substance can be made to take effect faster or last longer with better results, if the user knows how to.

Basically, there are just two methods of taking CBD oil, but the key is in knowing how to take the oil for which effect. In other words, to maximize the effects of CBD oil consumption, the method must match the desired effect. Taking a closer look at the two methods and their effects should help anyone looking to maximize the health benefits from their CBD supplements.

The Sublingual Method

The sublingual method instructs that one should place the recommended amount of the oil just under his/her tongue with a dropper. Once the drop/drops have been placed under the tongue, the person is to wait for at least a minute or more for the oil to be partially absorbed, before swallowing the rest of it. When you are looking to get fast results from the dosage, this is the way to do it because the skin under our tongue allows the oil to directly pass through into the blood. Similar to injections, this sends the absorbed cannabidiol directly to the brain and the rest of the body. Also, just like injections, it acts faster than purely oral doses, but the effects might not last as long.

The Oral Method

As the name suggests, this is when someone directly swallows the CBD oil or mixes it with appropriate food or drink to consume it. This is the regular method of taking CBD oil under normal circumstances and while it isn’t as fast acting as the sublingual method, it does make the effects last longer, while providing a more consistent protection and relief from anxiety, seizures and joint pain.

As can be seen, both methods are effective in different scenarios and therefore, maximizing the efficiency and effects of CBD oil is relative to the person and the situation in question.

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