Looking to Boost Self-Esteem? Identify the 5 Key Factors that Make You Feel Unsure

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Confidence! Poise! Self-assuredness!

All of these are terms for the one thing that can set you apart from the crowd and make heads turn in your direction. How you carry yourself, interact with people, and smile together make up that all-important X-factor that can make or break careers, help you get the partner of your dreams, and stand by you in any sphere of life.

Haven’t you often dreamed of being that magnetic persona who walks into a room, and takes control of all the conversations and attention? If you’re looking to boost self-esteem, begin by evaluating the factors that make you feel just a little less than yourself.

So, What Exactly is Self-Esteem All About?

You develop confidence and self-esteem during the teenage years out of your interaction with peers and family members. While most of your personality takes shape in middle and high schools, many young adults acquire poise and assuredness in college. As this feature on DoSomething explains, self-esteem is born from your perceptions of what your friends and family think about you. A large part also comes from how confident you are of your looks, hair, body, figure, and innate capabilities.

At least 70% of girls between ages 15 and 17 may avoid school if they aren’t feeling particularly happy about their looks that day. Here’s another statistic. Close to 45% of girls think they’re overweight as against 15% of guys. This opinion makes them take up all kinds of diets in an attempt to boost self-esteem, and look like the hottest rock star or any other teen celebrity.

The interesting factor is that these perceptions are going to follow you into the adult years. And, most adults admit that they haven’t quite gotten over the snide comments a classmate made or the reason why a girl dumped them in high school.

Why let teenage perceptions continue to rule your adult years? It might just be time to identify the reasons that hold you back in any situation. Go ahead, and take the necessary steps to overcome your fears and boost self-esteem.

1. Hair Loss is a Major Confidence Killer

In today’s times when men as young as 19 years are starting to experience hair loss and become bald, bad hair could be one of the key factors that kill your confidence. The receding hairline and bare patches could result from several causes including genetics, your immune system attacking the hair follicles, or medical conditions.

Many men and women also go through hair loss because of environmental pollution, improper nutrition, or the excessive use of chemical products. Like the expert consultants at PRP Injection MD advise, it is now possible to correct the problem by opting for natural treatments that can reverse the hair loss, help you regain a full head of hair, and boost self-esteem.

2. Being Supposedly Overweight Can Make You Feel Self-Conscious

Stick-thin models and ultra-slim celebrities perpetuate the idea that even a few excess pounds are ugly. For this reason, many people who think they are an average weight may feel self-conscious. Check out this article on the Shape magazine that talks about the newest research results. Doctors now stress on the importance of being healthy, fit, and capable of performing your day-to-day activities. Of course, you should not be grossly obese, but if you’re healthy, and have a more rounded figure as compared to the top model of 2018, don’t let that kill your confidence.

3. Making Comparisons with Successful People is Self-Defeating

Many people lose their confidence because they are constantly comparing their lives to preconceived notions of an ideal life. Understand that self-assurance is a lot about counting the positives you have going for you. At any time, there will always be friends with bigger salaries and cars, better promotions, more beautiful homes, the latest and most expensive phones, and seemingly perfect lives. Boost self-esteem by focusing on the things that make you happy. If you like what you do for a living, and have a family that loves you, use them as confidence boosters. Ambition is good, but if it makes you feel small and inadequate, it could be time to let go.

4. Negative Thoughts and Feelings Pull You Down

To boost self-esteem, one of the first steps you need to take is change your thought processes. As the folks at HuffPost explain in this article, you’ll end up feeling insecure if you’re continually reiterating the fact. Starting today, keep telling that person in the mirror, “You’re awesome!” Smile happily and say, “This is going to be an amazing day!” This simple statement will put a spring in your step and make you feel like you’re ready to take on the world. Soon, you’ll be the person everyone likes having around because of the positive energy and attitude you exude. Greet every family member and colleague with a cheerful, “Hi, there!” And, you’ll find that you DO take over conversations when you enter a room.

5. Naysayers Sap Your Energy

How the people in your life treat you can have a huge impact on self-perception. If certain relationships are dragging you down, start maintaining a distance from them. Get rid of the abusive, unhealthy people who use emotional abuse to soothe their personal insecurities. It is okay to walk away saying, “I am not taking this! I deserve better because I am the best!” Don’t rely on others to make your life decisions. Have the strength to build your world and take responsibility for everything that goes on in it.

While confidence and belief in you come from within, various external factors can influence those feelings. Learn to identify the factors that act like millstones around your neck and remove them. Soon you will sense a boost in your levels of self-assurance and happiness. And, happy, contented people are always the stars of any room, everywhere!

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