Leading a Healthy Sexual Life: How Can a Man Contribute Towards Improving It?

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A healthy sex life has so many benefits that they transcend just the emotional wellbeing and the temporary pleasure that we often associate with sexual activities. It can become a way for couples to stay bonded to each other, even after being together for decades. Then there are a multitude of health benefits such as an increased metabolic rate, lowered blood pressure, better cardiac health, lowered chances of developing prostate cancer, pain relief and just so much more.

However, it has to be a joint effort, because sex is after all, practically a two-person team activity for all intents and proposes! Having said that, individual efforts are also necessary and today, we are going to discuss a few ways in which a man can contribute towards a better and healthier sex life for himself and for his partner.


Women are often turned on more by a man’s intelligence and achievements than his physique, but it never hurts to have a good physique too! When you exercise, and your body begins to show that you do, it is a turn on for the opposite gender at a subconscious level. Therefore, by working out and staying fit, you are automatically contributing towards a better sex life by becoming more sexually desirable for your girlfriend or wife. Keep in mind that staying fit and muscular through proper exercise is not the same as looking like a pro bodybuilder, because that doesn’t look as attractive to most women as some men are inclined to believe.

Now that we have discussed the external appeal of exercise and the role of that appeal in improving a man’s sex life, it is time to talk about an even more important benefit of exercising regularly.

Irrespective of whether you are muscular or just lean, routine exercise makes men more virile and sexually potent. It happens because the male body starts to produce more testosterone on being physically exerted, which is the prime male hormone necessary for both building muscles and boosting virility.

Additionally, a fit and powerful body is not going to be bogged down by the effects of being overweight, and since obesity is a prime cause for sexual impotency and underperformance, exercising regularly is more important for maintaining a healthy sex life than most people care to admit.

Fight Boredom

A fit body as well as an intelligent mind is a great combination for turning people on, irrespective of their gender, but boredom is possible even in the most unlikely of situations. When the sexual acts begin to feel similar every time, couples are known to get over each other, irrespective of how attractive they might be.

To combat boredom in your sex life, order sex toys online from a place like Madame Claude and surprise her. After the initial surprise, work together with her towards experimenting with your sex life by going on the website and looking at new toys and furniture that can revolutionize your sex life completely. Madame Claude understands the importance of discreet packaging, so rest assured that what is supposed to be private, will remain private, as the orders start arriving.

You might be able to ignite passion through actions that you probably didn’t even know would excite her before. Everything from roleplaying to cosplay is fair game when it comes to adding more passion and excitement to your sex life.

Handling Tiredness

If you ask the average wife or girlfriend about the most common excuses given by men to avoid sex at times, they will tell you that tiredness stands as the number one excuse. When your partner wants you, but you are often too tired, it can be a major turn off with lasting effects on her psychology. It can strain a relationship and is sometimes the underlying reason why relationships break or infidelity ensues. Unfortunately, most men are not lying when they say that they are tired, because they actually are!

Work takes its toll on men and women alike, and after a day of hard work and the continuous stress of impending work, being tired and unable to feel sexually charged is a very common and honest reaction. However, this can be countered with the following steps:

Light Exercise – Exercising might feel like added stress at this point, but in reality, it will bust stress even after a tiring day at the office. Exercising in a proper routine actually makes you more energetic, but be careful not to overstrain yourself.

Balanced Meals – Eating multiple balanced and healthy meals, rich in nutrients throughout the day will supply your body with everything it needs to stay active and energetic, but that can be difficult, which leads us to our next point…

Adequate Supplementation – The busy lives we all lead make it difficult to eat multiple enriching meals throughout the day while trying to sell something to a client who has no idea what you are talking about.

This is where supplementation comes in and essential male supplements can take your sex life to the next level, without having to rely on performance enhancing drugs like sildenafil citrate (Viagra). They will naturally support your daily activities like work, exercise, sex and even sleep.

Don’t Forget About Romance

Romance is important to women, and scientific studies have established that in a long-term relationship, romance plays a huge role in determining the quality of a couple’s sex life. This is not to say that a man doesn’t like romance, but their need for romance to become sexually excited is not as great as that of women.

Respect that fact and surprise her with flowers, chocolates and a scented candle the next time you come back home from work and you might be surprised yourself at how well that works towards improving your sex life.

A healthy sex life is one that has charm, surprise, emotional bonding, experimentation, innovation and a mutual understanding of each other’s desires in it. When your partner sees you making an active effort towards improving the more personal side of things between the two of you, it is quite probable that she will replicate the same behaviour by putting in additional efforts from her side as well.

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