How to Stay Healthy While Traveling

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Traveling can take a toll on the body, and most people let go of healthy eating and workouts. It is critical you stay healthy, especially when you travel. Many people gain weight and get out of shape while on vacation or traveling for work. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Below are some excellent tips to stay active and eat healthy while traveling.

Morning Stretch

When you wake up in the morning, the first thing you should do is set aside time for a good stretch, and I don’t mean three seconds. Set aside at least seven to eight minutes to stretch all the major muscle groups.  Start with your arms and then your back. When traveling, you often sit a lot, and that will put a strain on the lower back. If you are into yoga, you can make your morning routine using favorite yoga poses.

Lots of Water

Water cures a lot of things or at least will help you feel better throughout the day.  It is best to avoid soda and sugary drinks. Drinking water will make you feel healthier and provide your body with what it needs the most.


Whether you are sitting in a car or an airplane traveling is sedentary. It is not healthy to be sitting most of the day. So when you are traveling, it is essential to walk as much as possible. It would help if you purposely went out of your way to walk as many places as you can.  Walking is one of the best low impacts exercises your body can get plus it keeps your heart rate up.

Hand Sanitizer

When traveling, its not all about eating healthy and getting exercise.  You need to continually wash your hands and keep the germs off of you. Especially in tourist spots that are frequented by hundreds if not thousands of people in a single day. Places like stairs, elevators, and handrails are all ripe with germs.  One of the best tips is to carry hand sanitizer with you and use it often.  Most good hand sanitizer will kill 98% of the bacteria out there, keeping you safe from sickness.

Hotel Gyms

Most decent hotels have some gym. When traveling make time in your busy schedule to hit the gym and get a work out done.  It doesn’t need to be a full workout; even an abbreviated workout will do fine.

Seniors Too

Staying healthy and working out is not just for younger people. Seniors vacation more than any group of people and should stay as healthy as they can. There are plenty of exercises that seniors can partake in even from a hotel room.

Final Thoughts

Going on vacation is hard on the body.  At first, it may seem fun and exciting, but as the days go on, it can take a real toll on someone.  The eating out, sitting, and sleeping in a strange bed can through you off your routine and health. Be sure to set aside enough time for exercise and watch out for germs along the way.

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