How to Quickly Recover from a Hangover

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We’ve all been in that place: rising from our bedsheets with a pounding headache, gripping our stomach hoping we won’t hurl, and experience waves of semi-regret. Yes, that’s right – this scenario is us being hungover as hell from the night before. Having a few too many drinks happens to the best of us, regardless of whether or not it was intentional to go wild. But despite the fact, being hungover doesn’t have to feel apocalyptic the following day.

Therefore, when you are in a time of need, this is your guide on how to quickly recover from a hangover:

Hydrate with H2O and other fluids

Alcohol reduces the production of anti-diuretic hormones in your body. Without them, your body cannot absorb water. Consequently, you get dehydrated, migraines come full force, and you become more prone to vomiting if you’re still consuming alcohol. Have a few glasses of water by your bedside to sip on throughout the day. In addition to water, sports drinks can help replenish electrolytes you may have lost in the midst of a few cocktails or glasses of wine. Other fluids that ease the consequences of a hangover are juices and broth. Nothing processed with added sugar – especially, soda! Here’s a tip for the future: drink water before consuming alcoholic drinks and continue hydrating as the day or night goes on. You diminish the risk of suffering the dehydrating clutches of alcohol.

Eat wholesome food

Whatever you do, avoid greasy and processed-sugar foods. In introspect, the idea of grabbing take-out or indulging in as much food as possible seems like paradise. It’s understandable – your body needs to rejuvenate itself with energy-giving substances! However, after the consumption of such a feast, you are destined to feel worse because all the fat and nasty qualities of junk food make your stomach upset and nausea worse. Instead of succumbing to your salty and sugary cravings, opt for choosing wholesome food such as your classic fruits and vegetables. When you think about it, junk food provides only a temporary benefit because it gives you a burst of energy. Healthy food, on the other hand, not only alleviates the uncomfortable symptoms of a hangover, it gives you a much-needed dose of good fats and protein that slow down the absorption of alcohol, supplement you with vitamins, and give you a genuine sense of energy that won’t crash and burn hours later.


This is the number one tip that makes every hungover individual rejoice: sleep! Catching up on some z’s gives your body the rest it needs and deserves. While we sleep, our body works to restore and repair itself. Without sleep, our bodies are unable to regulate the necessary hormones to function, keep up the strength of our immune system, and maintain a proper blood pressure. But most importantly, in this hangover case, it rejuvenates our body so that it can properly metabolize substances (hopefully, not alcohol) again and gain some energy back. Not only does your body repair itself, but your emotions and brain also get some love too. It’s irritating and painfully uncomfortable having a hangover, but waking up from a fantastic nap makes the day a bit more bearable.

Exercise – but not too hard!

While working out may seem counterintuitive when it feels like you just climbed a mountain with a backpack full of bricks, exercise counteracts exhaustion and a sunken mood. Find the strength to slowly rise of bed or the couch (because it is understandable that you do not need to rush yourself). After that feat is done, throw on some workout gear and put on your favorite gym playlist. Now, you don’t need to be rapidly squatting twice your body weight or running a marathon to ease a hangover. Aggressively working out and pushing yourself too hard can actually make your symptoms worse. But if you feel the need to break a serious sweat, carefully listen to your body and follow your instinct to take rests when necessary. If not, look to more relaxing and mild exercises, such as a yoga and lifting light weights. As long as you kick-start the body’s production of endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin, you can decrease your physical discomfort and sweat out a handful of toxins.

In conclusion, the next time you’re going wild at a party – remember that the morning afterward won’t be pleasant if you don’t make wise choices the night before. That’s not to say you can’t celebrate the night or have fun with your friends. The main thing here is that moderation is key. You don’t want to suffer anything serious like an alcohol blackout or get hurt in any way either! As long as you’re keeping yourself in check and resisting the urge to win a drinking contest or take another three shots – there’s no problem in having a blast.

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