How to Make the Most of New York in 7 Days

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Your daily routine can squeeze the joy out of your life. To get back some joy in life you need to wriggle in some holiday time whenever you can. Taking a month-long sabbatical cannot be feasible due to fiscal and time crunch. There are very few jobs from which you can take a long break. You can, however, try to get a week away from your responsibilities. With one week in your hand, you need to plan a holiday where you can enjoy every minute.

New York, is the perfect place for your weeklong holiday. New York is not someplace where you need to take months it explores. At the same time, it is not a place where you will get bored in a matter of a day or two. Plan every detail of your weeklong New York holiday.

Start at the Skies

When you land at the airport, you can immediately start your sightseeing journey. Airport Helicopter Tours in NYC are highly popular. You can book Airport Helicopter Tours in NYC to get off of your flight and onto a helicopter. The helicopter can take you around New York and show you different parts of the city. You can even book Airport Helicopter Tours in NYC to get to another part of the city. Some of the charter helicopter services can fly you from one airport to another in the city, cutting down on commute time by a lot. By getting a glimpse of the city from the skies, you can narrow down to the different places that you want to visit.

Tour Selectively

There are many tours that you can enjoy in New York. After your Airport Helicopter Tours in NYC, you need to spend a day touring the city at ground level. If you have a time crunch, avoid walking and cycling tours. Though they are somewhat enjoyable, you cannot afford the time. You can opt for ferry tours and the Big Bus tour.

Give Yourself a Gastronomic Treat

Eat out every day when in New York. New York has some unique restaurants as well as a smattering of Michelin star restaurants. Do not stick to eating meals at your hotel. Look for fun and different restaurants and cuisines that you have not come across. Eat a different cuisine for every meal to make the most of your seven-day holiday.

Break Down the City

The only way you can cover New York City in seven days is by having a solid itinerary. Having dedicated time for tours, you need to figure out how to experience the city on your own. While tours can be informative, they cannot give you the real feel of the city. Break down the city and the attractions, according to their location. Narrow down on the attractions that you want to visit. List the attractions that you can visit on the same day. Do not overburden yourself with places to visit. Your holiday should allow you time to relax as well.

Plan your holiday right and enjoy the best of New York in a week.

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