How to Find the Time to Work out When It Seems There Isn’t Any

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Balancing your personal and professional life with exercising at the gym can be an incredibly challenging task, especially for novices and casual gym goers. Some days it just seems you can’t squeeze those 30 minutes of training into your already packed daily schedule.

The truth is, the more you put off your gym sessions the harder it will be to get back into the loop. It’s like a circle: the more your work out the easier it becomes to commit to working out.

If you find a way to make time for a gym session, even if it’s a brief one, making time for the gym every day will become much easier. And your workout sessions will become longer and longer until they become a habit.

But finding time for a workout at a local gym like the World Gym can be difficult for a beginner. That is why we’ve compiled a few tips to help you balance working out with your other daily activities and turn workouts into a reward, not a chore.

Add Workouts to Your Schedule

The best way to find the time to work out is to make it. Face it: in most cases, the time is not the problem – your motivation is. Even if you do have the time for a workout in between a business meeting and a dinner, you’ll feel like you’re violently squeezing exercise into your schedule.

The best way to get rid of that feeling is to actually make the time for the gym in your schedule. Pick the days and the times for a workout and don’t schedule any appointments, dates or activities unless they are more urgent.

If it helps, plan your workouts in addition to planning the time for them. Write down which muscle groups you’re going to be focusing on that day, so you have a clear picture of how long your workouts will be.

Get Up 20 Minutes Earlier

Before you go to bed, pack your exercise outfit. Set an alarm just 20 minutes earlier and if you don’t have a gym nearby, go outside for a sprint. Warm up with some light walking, then spring as fast as you can for 20 seconds, rest for two minutes and repeat. Do this five to eight times and that’s it.

This won’t take long but will make you feel more energized during the day. This will also help boost your metabolism and burn all those calories you’ll consume later.

Working out in the morning will also prevent any stress from getting in the way. It feels difficult to think about exercising and hitting the gym after a troubling email from a client or a heated argument with your manager.

Working out in the morning gives you a big head start. Furthermore, you won’t have to worry about showering and getting dressed twice or more times a day.

Exercising on the Way to Work

If you’re really so busy that you cannot find 40 minutes to dedicate to the gym (which is completely understandable), try to incorporate workouts into your daily activities.

Start with commenting to work. Replace driving to work with cycling or running. Sadly, not everyone is able to do that since not everyone has a shower at work.

At work, as you wait for the kettle to boil you’ll have a couple of minutes to squeeze in a combination of squats and pushups. Alternatively, you could take this time to do the plank. This is a highly effective workout that helps strengthen several muscle groups, including the abdomen, the lower back, the upper back and the shoulders.

Finally, try to introduce walking meetings at work. This is a great way to catch some fresh air, be productive and get some light exercise. Grabbing a couple of minutes every here and there will have more of an effect than you’d imagine. After all, some workout is better than no workout at all.

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