How to Create a Passive Income with a Blog

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The first blog ever created is attributed to Justin Hall. It was called, and it was launched back in 1994 when the concept of Instagramming, Facebooking and Tweeting were still pretty far off in the future. Since then, we’ve seen people become overnight superstars with blogs – some have even managed to make a living out of their blogs, and a lucky few have become millionaires through their blogs.

How on earth did they do it? It’s a common saying that your money should work for you – and it’s working against you if it isn’t. Billionaire Warren Buffett was fond of saying that if you aren’t earning while you sleep, you’ll work until you die – and he was right when he said it. You can apply this truthful wisdom to your blog in modern times. 

A Passive Income

A passive income is the key if you’re looking to earn money with your blog without, well, having to do much more than create the awesome content you likely already do. Passive is the opposite of active – and the exact right illustration to what Buffett meant when he said that quote up there about making money while you sleep. Passive income means that it happens without you having to think about the dynamics. Doesn’t that sound awesome? Here’s how you can do it…

A Passive Income Needs Hits

First, a passive income from your blog will require that you get plenty of hits from your website  – people have to see the content. You might already have a strong following for your blog, and congratulations if you do; if you are still building your following, the quickest way to get a following is to create awesome, shareable content in your blogging niche. Start by registering a domain with a good domain name! (You can, of course, also promote your blog through other means – like a guest post on another blogger’s platform or even some paid advertising to increase hits from time to time.)

Create Sharable Content

If you want more people than those already on your blog to see and read your posts, your best bet is to get them to share the posts that you stick on your blog. Sharing to social media means that you gain more exposure, and more exposure in return will get you more hits – and more hits mean more money for you. Create content that would make you click – and create the kind of thing that people can’t wait to tell a friend or family member about. Create the urge to share: That’s how you get content to get spread around – even, if you’re really lucky, become viral.

Fact-Check Content

Now, we’ve said that you need to create content that people share – but you also need to create content that’s always truthful and accurate. (Yes, fake news gets a lot of shares, but does it ever get return readership like a successful and truthful blog would?)  You should always double-check your posts for spelling and fact-check your content before you post it – doing so even with a simple search engine lookup to see if a headline is for real means that you went to the effort, and your readers will appreciate it.

A Mailing List

Does your blog have a mailing list to which readers can sign up to be sent the latest posts, special offers and more? If not, then you should strongly consider setting your blog up with a mailing list that goes directly to your readership. It’s the least you can do for fans – and it offers you a great advertising platform where people can pay for ads within your newsletter.


Many advertising options are available if you are looking to earn a passive income – and Google AdWords is only one. Using it in conjunction with the advice mentioned above is your key to success – great content will lead to hits, and only hits can take advantage of passive advertising with a click!

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