How Much Can You Make From Matched Betting in 2021?

The skeptic in me superseded the fact that he was my closest and most trusted friend. It all seemed too good to be true and every time he brought it up, I immediately pictured this scene in cult British comedy Peep Show:

(You may need a good VPN to access the above video, depending on which country you are viewing it in).

I consider myself reasonably smart, but I have fallen for said shady schemes in the past as I felt so desperate and I didn’t want history to repeat itself any time soon.

But it was increasingly difficult to ignore the fact that he was supporting himself travelling through every country in Central America with me, without any income at all and barely any savings.

On top of that, I had been running a football website at a major loss for the last two years. If my friend was telling the truth, I could quite possibly recover half of my monthly staff costs on the site and start to get my head above water.

With the football site being the major catalyst for my rocketing cortisol levels and haemorrhaging bank funds I (literally) couldn’t afford to not at least give it a go. So with nothing to lose and everything to gain, I asked my mate to sit me down and show me the matched betting ropes.

“Stop thinking like a football fan. You are NOT a football fan,” he constantly told me as I made the whole thing a lot more complicated than it needed to be. I grew anxious as the talk of numbers reminded me of math class back at school and I cut the conversation short.

Fast forward a couple of months later and I decided to get stuck into it on my own. I researched for several hours and even the popular British goodie-two-shoes, risk-averse newspaper, The Guardian wrote a very positive piece on matched betting, concluding that as long as you don’t gamble and take advantage of the free offers – it’s a legitimate way of bringing in extra money to a household. You can read that post here.

Before the end of the month, I was in balls deep and I’d made £500 from welcome offers. It was ridiculously easy, albeit incredibly boring.

But Wait, Isn’t This Gambling?

Many people believe that gambling is a mug’s game that is almost impossible to profit from, and they would be correct. However the techniques used in matched betting remove all risk and guarantee profits, and significant profits at that.

The only way you can lose money here is by human error, but I used a trusted matched betting calculator to cover me for that.

How Does Matched Betting Work?

Matched betting works by placing bets on every outcome of a particular event. By doing this we are guaranteed to win one of our bets, but we are also guaranteed to have some losing bets. If we were to place each of these bets with our own money we would end up making a loss. The magic happens when we place one of our bets with bonus money gifted to us by bookmakers. By using this bonus money to cover one of the event’s outcomes, we are guaranteed to make a profit.

“But I Don’t Know Anything About Sports!”

You don’t have to be a sports savant to make money with matched betting. In fact, I would argue that those who aren’t sports fans have a little bit of an advantage, as you won’t be tempted to overthink things regarding certain fixtures.

Me thinking like an actual football fan, when my mate showed me this – actually confused me even more. It’s basic numbers once you get the hang of it and do a couple of matched bets.

“But I’m Useless With Numbers!”

So am I! I spent most of my maths career in school terrorising the poor teachers and I always use my phone calculator when working out my tip at a restaurant. I’m hopeless with numbers. The matched betting calculator really does the hard work and number-crunching for us. It’s just a case of getting used to trusting in yourself and taking your time. You will always know how much money you will be guaranteed to win before the match you have chosen to matched bet on has even started.

Trust me, just like I genuinely preach from the rooftops about making a full-time income with a blog – if I can get my head around this – anyone can!

Why Can Only British People Do This?

Only British people and a hefty chunk of Irish (Republic), or people with a British bank account (or Irish) can do this as the rest of the world doesn’t have such liberal betting laws like the UK does. Sports betting is very much a subculture in the UK so we have a magnitude of bookies – all with welcome offers to exploit for our own gain.

What About The Irish?

If you’re Irish, you benefit not just from being blessed with an accent that can turn someone on and terrify them at the same time – but you’ll also prosper from the volume of matched betting offers available.

Brits have maybe 10-15% more opportunity, but Irish folk can definitely cash in a lot of easy money here.

Isn’t This Unethical?

Humans certainly are a weird bunch when it coms to ethics. We can remain comfortably numb financially supporting the most deplorable acts on a daily basis with our money, but cry foul play at the strangest of times.

When I used to sell sponsored posts on my blog, some bloggers shrieked their whiter-than-white virtue from the rooftops because selling sponsored posts is against Google’s terms and conditions.

Google…the multibillion dollar company that has ‘flexible’ views on paying tax. Yeah, really sticking it to ‘the man’ there!

Do the bookies like matched betting? No, because they like losers. The whole success of their business model relies on people being losers. Matched betting is a system with guaranteed winnings.

It is simply leveraging offers from bookies and placing bets with an exchange account (Smarkets being by far the best with their industry-lowest 2% commission rate) for maximum profit. If you want to pull your nose up when offered free money, then that’s your call.

Why Do I Even Bother With Matched Betting? 

My online business has (thankfully) gone through somewhat of a renaissance after the stressful year of losing it all. I rolled up my sleeves and got my head down into some serious work and things are now on the up again.

A friend who knows this asked me why I’d bother with something that only makes £150-300 per month, couldn’t I be investing my time better elsewhere?

The truth is that I don’t like to leave money on the table and if I have learnt any lesson since that God awful year when I had to start all over again – it’s to not rest on my laurels, or take anything for granted.

People with careers and full-time jobs have salaries and contracts. They know exactly how much they are getting and can plan their lives accordingly. This online game isn’t like that and when I see an opportunity to make some extra money – I will gratefully take it with both hands – as I don’t know how long it will last for.

I have been accepted as an affiliate on my football site for most bookies and also Smarkets, I have been guiding people via a Facebook group how to bring in £150-£300 a month to their household, whilst showing them how to pick off the welcome offers as we go (there is about £1000 up for grabs in total, you just have to be bullish with it and power through the boredom).

If they make money; I make money. I’m doing this so that I can cover the current costs on my football site, which has been bleeding me dry since day one. I NEVER promote actual gambling on there because I had a little problem with it once in my life and I know that some people could fall prey to it too.

There’s no point in gambling and risking your hard-earned money when there is a system available that brings guaranteed winnings. I know some of you will be giving this a read with a judgmental raised eyebrow, and that’s fine. If it wasn’t for my mate doing this, showing me the ropes and me physically doing this – I would be doing the exact same thing with you.

Feel free to email me here, or on my Facebook fan page if you have any questions or would like to join the group. I’d rather you did that than leave comments below on the blog, or on social media timelines. I’m getting serious about making my football site a profit or I may just have to sell it (or just walk away from it) at a huge loss.

And wouldn’t that be a disaster for my tender little ego?

If you just want to look to see what it’s all about, then that’s fine by me. The football season is starting soon, so strike while the iron is hot for maximum bank gains.

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