Go to a vacation with the Pontoon Boat and Pontoon Bathrooms

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Vacations are the most desired spare time anyone wants. Everyone wants to have some quality time, away from the hustle of life. It is the only reason why we making money on the first hand, isn’t it? The hectic life of the complete weekdays in a go, stresses the hell out of oneself. It feels like we are trapped into a small room, on the couch of deathbed and suffocating to death. The perfect solution for such a scenario is to kick the daily chores aside and go out for a wonderful day out with the people who mean the most. Well, it is easy to say to go out. However, it is as difficult to decide where to go. There are some beautiful places around the world, but to decide the perfect one is a matter of the perfect choice. Hence one has to be aware of all the best places they can go to release the month’s old stress and the complexity of life.

Apart from your personal life, if you have kids around its time to give them the perfect childhood any child can wish for. Seeing the beautiful world with those small eyes acts as an inspiration to work hard and live a life of that status. They too need a break from their regular schools and home works. So going out would refresh their mind.

Where to go for a vacation

As stated earlier, it easy to decide if you are ready for a vacation or not. What is difficult is the destination where the vacation would be. Well, the land is where everyone is on; why don’t you try the waters? They are a place to be for eternity. The sound of the water and the boat’s engines are a great combination in all and can drive your mind cool and crazy at the same time.

You can look for pontoon boats. They are an interesting option to choose. The most important reason is that it is a thriller as well. The boats provide a lot of fun option for the best entertainment you would ever have. There are pontoon slides available that would give you the feel of water parks. However, if you have a pontoon boat then that is great news.

If you don’t have one, you don’t have to worry you can also get pontoon rental services to give you the water experiences. If you planning your trip for a couple of days you have to make sure to look that the rental you are contacting has bathrooms available. According to the law, you can dump your waste anywhere in the water. You have to dump in the waste on the onshore. Many bathrooms options are available for you. Click here for a pontoon bathroom guide. You need to know all of the possible options to decide the perfect pontoon for your trip.

Portable toilets

The best option for anyone is the portable toilets. If the boat you are is in the superb facility and you don’t want to waste a chance to have a ride on her. Then this is the best option. You would love the ride with the portable toilets assisting you. This is a practical option for many travelers. The construction is simple, you have a water tank to clean off the waste and a sealed waste tank to restore the waste until you land. These toilets are inexpensive and are handy. The lightweight of the portable toilet makes it easy to be installed.

Composting toilet

The composting toilets are the best option that is normally installed in all pontoon boats. The main reason why this used o popular in boats that it does not releases smell or requires any chemical for hygiene. This has two compartments, one for urine and another for solid wastes. The mechanism is set to allow the oxygen to dry which compost the solid waste. The drying process is done by adding sawdust or peat moss.

The composting toilets are required very little maintenance and would last for months. Since the toilet does not require water to flush. It reduces a lot of weight. You don’t even need to carry liters of waters for the purpose of the trip. One disadvantage it holes is because of the capacity the size if bigger and some bots mind it a problem to install it.

Cassette Toilet

Cassette toilets have built-in seats. The base of the toilet is removable and you don’t have to carry the whole toilet to dump it anywhere, just take the base and unload it. However, the cassette toilets are heavy to install and the water tank needs regular filling. Because of that, the toilet gives way to smelling and releases a bad odor.

Some Bathroom accessories

You should carry some accessories that you would find on BoatCrunch’s article for your pontoon boat’s hygiene. The rental would not be looking after your bathroom needs.

  1. Toilet paper: This is the most common and extremely important necessary. Without this, you can survive the ocean even for a day. Make sure you put them into your back on immediately as you bring them in from the store.
  2. Chemical Cleaner: The odor that you toilet would discharge would be uncomfortable for all the members of the boat. To remove the smell it would be a great thing if you carry chemical cleaners along with you. This comes cheap and is affordable.
  3. Bounded bathroom: Along with the toilet, you might also require your privacy. You might not want anyone looking into while you are down on the toilet. Buy a private room that would surround you and the toilet for an awkward moment.


To enjoy the trip is important, and that why you have been there, both without the proper equipment you are most likely to not enjoy the trip. If these things are not paid attention beforehand, you are really going to be in a great deal of trouble and no one can help you out in that situation. Hence, make sure you carry the entire necessary things along with you so that none of the members in the trip faces any kind of problems.

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