Getting your money back – a traveller’s guide to holiday cancellations

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You know what they say about best laid plans…sometimes even the most experienced of travellers have to deal with the unexpected and the downright inconvenient. It’s just a part of travelling! From major concerns such as lost passports and missing luggage, to annoying inconveniences such as a particular restaurant you were hoping to try no longer being in business, or an activity you had planned not working out.  While some of these problems you can just about power through, there are other problems that can simply ruin months of planning, excitement and anticipation and of course, your finances.

I’m talking of course about your holiday or your flights being cancelled. Click here to see a helpful infographic from Creditfix, detailing the steps you can take after a cancelled break. Most of the time, a cancelled flight or holiday is completely out of your control, and not only is it both upsetting and frustrating, but you’re now burdened with the task of clawing back money from your holiday provider. Acting quickly is the best way to ensure that you’ll get your money back. So, check out this helpful infographic below that will outline the steps you can now take to get your refund. Good Luck!

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