Four Things That Negatively Affect Your Progress at the Gym

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So, you’ve finally started going to the gym and you’re super happy and proud of yourself. That’s great, but make sure you don’t get carried away by that success and start “cheating” in other fields, pandering yourself a bit too much. Hitting the gym is really important, but it if you want to see good results within a reasonable period of time, make you sure you get rid of bad life habits and acquire all the positive ones which will enhance your progress.

So if it’s not going the way you planned, make sure you’re not the one sabotaging yourself. Of course, it’s always best to get professional advice from your personal trainer or staff at your gym, but this list should at least serve as a hint on the direction you should take.

Bad Nutrition

No matter how hard you exercise, it could all be in vain if your nutrition is poor. As a matter of fact, nutrition comprises about 70% of your results. Yes, you read that well, 70%, so you better be careful what you eat.

Okay, an occasional treat is fine, but make you sure it’s really occasional, and not a matter of habit.
Also, make sure you do eat enough, that your diet is varied and that you take in all the necessary nutrients. Again, a professional piece of advice is always invaluable, since it’s always better to get a personalized nutrition plan, depending what exactly you want to achieve.

Bad Sleeping

Sleeping is the factor that affects your overall life quality, not just your gym results, so it can’t be emphasized enough how important it is. It’s great if you’re doing well, lifting quite a weight, or running quite a distance, but if you’re not getting enough rest, the results won’t be half as good as they could be.

It is really important that your muscles get a proper time-out. Sleeping is crucial for the progress at the gym as it is the only time when the hormones which enable your muscles to grow or repair and enable your body to burn fat are active. So make sure you don’t exaggerate with staying up late if you really want to achieve something at the gym.

Doing Things Ad-Hoc

First of all, it’s really important to understand why you want to go the gym and what it is that you want to achieve. Then it’s important to actually find the time, pick a class or an exercise style and stick to it. So, be regular. It’s important to remember that classes can be tailored to suit many different shapes and sizes or even women with different breast sizes as outlined by to get the best out of a fitness class. Finally, once you’re there, you need to do what you’re going to do that day. If you just show up at the gym and improvise, sure, there will be some positive changes and results, but to what extent?

So, it’s good to have a clear idea of what you want to do, to have a plan for every session. It really doesn’t have to be overly ambitious, but it should be something that will motivate you to work harder than the last time, and actually save you precious time you would spending on thinking what to do next.

All work and No Fun…

This is another rule that applies to life, as well as the gym. No matter how much you might love exercising, it can still get boring and not just physically, but mentally exhausting as well, so you need to spice it up a little bit and make sure you don’t give up because you’ve had enough of the ever same old routine.

So, as already mentioned, you should find a true motivation in you and constantly set, smaller goals. Every time you actually reach them, it should a reason to find joy despite all the toiling. Also, good company can be a great source of fun while exercising, of course, under the condition it’s not too much of a distraction. Be it as it may, make sure you don’t see going to the gym as a punishment and try to find fun and joy in it.

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