Forget Staying In – Unless You Want To With These Great Nights Out

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Have you been thinking about a great night out to celebrate something special or just for fun? It can be a bit daunting to try to come up with something that would make everyone in your group of friends happy, but it doesn’t have to be. There are literally so many group activities that you can arrange for friends to take part in that will make sure everyone enjoys their night out. Here are some top ideas.


Paintball has, for ages, been a great option for a fantastic day or night out for groups of friends. Focusing on teamwork, leadership as well as other attributes, paintballing helps people both work together as well as focus on individuality. It’s not just a great team building option that works well in helping colleagues build teamwork skills, but it’s great to unwind and have a bit of fun with friends. If you’re playing in couples you can always team up with different people you normally wouldn’t to create a whole new dynamic as well.


Heading out to the club is also a fun time for everyone. With music pumping, great drinks flowing and sometimes food on offer too, it’s the perfect evening option for groups of all sizes including couples. Meet up with some friends and hit up a Tempe nightclub for a chilled out, but totally epic night out. Grab some dinner, get some drinks on the go and hit the dance floor for a night to remember – either to celebrate a special event or just for fun. Sometimes you just need a good night out to really unwind and have a bit of fun.

Movie Night

If you aren’t sure what to do but you’re all up for a nice night in, why not consider getting some snacks such as popcorn to pop at home, your favourite potato chips, chocolate and more and just binging on a Netflix series or watching a film you’ve all wanted to see for awhile. With great new TV shows being released all the time on Netflix, you won’t have any difficulty finding something to watch. Maybe go with a theme weekend or month and watch only Oscar nominated films during award season, or choose to do a 70s film month. There are a lot of ways you can make a film night be unique and fun!

Dinner Out

Heading out for dinner at your favourite restaurant is a fantastic way for the crew to get together that will allow you all to chat and enjoy each other’s company in a chilled out and enjoyable atmosphere. This is also an ideal way to help everyone get together if everyone happens to be busy running errands, working or taking care of family as well. So why not make a reservation at your favourite restaurant and spend a couple of hours in the company of great friends.

So there you have a couple of awesome ideas on how to spend a night in or out with friends that will help you reconnect, unwind and generally enjoy your downtime. How will you spend this weekend?

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