Fitness Intimidation – Exercise Shouldn’t Be Scary

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It’s pretty easy to stop before you have even started on a new fitness regime, just because of the all the unreachable goals we see in social media. It’s a fact that if something seems to unattainable, it just doesn’t seem worth trying. But fitness shouldn’t be intimidating it should be life affirming and fun. Read on to find out more.

All that kit

Did you know that you can’t go to the gym these days without your protein shake, and your moisture wicking gym kit and the latest trainers? You just can’t. They check you at the door.

Of course in all seriousness this sounds like a load of rubbish, but it’ kind of the idea that we get in our heads about working out. I can’t run because i don’t have the shoes. Do the Masai need kit to run all day? I can’t exercise properly without a moisture wicking t-shirt? Really?


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Are these barriers to your exercise, or are they actually distraction that we allow ourselves to put in place, to prevent us succeed at our own goals? It is worth thinking about.

Health and well-being

Why bother exercising at all? “Sitting on the sofa with a bag of cheese doodles and watching 20 episodes of my favourite box set is enough for me,” you say. But as humans, we are designed to move. We need it. We need to produce those endorphins, test our muscles and eliminate the waste in our system through movement. It improves our mood and energy levels too. But it doesn’t mean that you have no option but to go to the gym. There are plenty of other things that you can do to get you moving as well.

At the gym

Ok, so you don’t have to go to the gym, but for some people, it’s just easier. It helps them to build the exercise into their routine. They get to be out of the house and mix with other people. The equipment there is often way beyond the level that you would have in your own home. So there’s definitely some advantages.


At home


Another great option, especially for those that find the whole gym thing a bit intimidating is working out at home. There are so many ways that you can do this.


First of all, there are classes in, pretty much, anything from yoga and Pilates to martial arts and dance available on Youtube. This means you can follow along in your own home and raise your confidence levels. Then you can choose to join a class later when you are feeling up to it.


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Remember too that you don’t just have to watch these on our phone as many smart TVs will play Youtube in an App. Or you can sling what’s on your phone straight to your TV, making it easier to see.

Then there are the online fitness gurus. While they might seem a bit intimidating for the beginner, what you have to remember is that they didn’t get that body by sitting on the couch. So they probably have a pretty good idea of what they are doing. There are lots out there you can try.

Beach body offer 30 days free access to all their programs online. Or you can check out Instagram for the latest fitness celebrity. It’s worth doing some reach before you buy, though. Read about what others have to say about the program and how it has worked or not worked for them. A good example of the sort of thing you should look when doing your research for is this latest Max Workouts review.

Team sports

Of course, working out doesn’t have to mean just lifting weights or following an individualized work program. If that sort of thing bores you, why not take up a team sport instead?

You’ll find a 5 aside football team in most places around the world. Or you could try hockey, handball or basketball?

All of these activities are a great aerobic workout. They are brilliant for strengthening your hand-eye coordination as well. There is also that sense of camaraderie and competitiveness of being in a team. They provide a challenge, something to aim for and get good at, and they are a great social activity, with most teams having as much fun off the pitch as on it!


Then there is running, the current ‘narcotic of the masses.’ The healthiest people do this. It’s almost like a badge of how serious you are at keeping fit. If you’re not running, you’re just not doing it properly. But don’t be taken in by all the hype. Running can be a fantastic fitness activity if it suits you. However, it is also responsible for a lot of shin splints, sprains, and blackened toenails. So you have to make the call as to whether is it the best activity for you to achieve your goals.

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Having said that, like anything in life, it can be the attitude that you bring the activity, rather than the activity itself. Some people describe running as less of an active thing and more as a form of meditation. It helps them center and be present. Of course, all those endorphins don’t hurt either, and getting that heart rate up can only be a good thing.


Lastly, what about walking? You can pretty much do this anywhere that you are. It doesn’t require any special equipment either. You can do it in a group or solo if you prefer as well.

Walking is often a very underrated activity. It burns calories and has been documented to make a significant difference to people trying to achieve their fitness goals.

It is also easy. You can choose how long or how far you want to walk, so it’s easy to build up from being sedentary. You can even get to explore the places that you are traveling to, or even your own neighborhood while getting your daily dose of exercise.


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