Feeling Uninspired and Unmoved In Prague

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Picture the scene: Your friend sets you up on a blind date with a dishy chap, or a gorgeous girl and although you don’t usually ‘do’ blind dates, this one sounds pretty special. You hear how this other person is sooooo gorgeous and sooooo lovely and how you two were just made to be together.

You think to yourself “go on then, why not?” So you get all excited and get ready for your impending date. You have this mental picture in your mind how it’s going to be and you’re very excited and before long, you’re on your date.


…you just don’t see it. You try to though and every time there is a glimpse of hope of a romance between the two of you, you try to hold on to it – but it’s just not good enough and you just don’t see the big deal. You find yourself looking at your watch so you can leave your disappointment and move on to the next compatible partner search.

This is me and Prague.

Our date is going not so well. At first I thought I was maybe being a big negative, because I loved Poland and maybe I’m just comparing too much. But no, I’m a half-full cup kind of guy and I’ve tried and tried for this romance to blossom, I really have. It’s just not happening, although I won’t admit defeat!


She really scrubs up well on a night and her beauty is complimented in the darker hours. Bohemian sculptures tower over you as you walk over a lit up bridge, with the welcoming backdrop of ancient buildings.

Ironically, as bad dates go – my camera had ran out of battery power and I missed the opportunity of a sexy snap :/ Novice traveller fail.

Apart from the beauty of the place, I just can’t seem to find anything that rocks my socks. It’s very touristy and everywhere I turn is a McDonalds, Tesco or the dreaded ‘Brits abroad’ crowd singing footy chants in the square. *Cringe.*

The Main clock has the signs of the zodiac on its face and the two men on the right symbolise vanity and stereotypes.

The above building is an Opera house. When I got here in the Czech Republic, I asked the hostel guy with the personality of a sweaty foot what was going down in Prague tonight. He answered; “Nothing much.” I would have loved to have known about this place, but I guess he just judged a book by its cover.

Jan Palach (pictured above) was a student who set himself on fire as a political protest.

I don’t remember the above guys, story – but he looks remarkably like Freddie Krueger!

The Bohemians used to chuck high authority politicians and Royal Family members out of the window, to make political statements – little tinkers.

Pretty much all of Prague is dedicated to King Charles the 4th. He did a lot of stuff and things. On the odd occasion he did a lot of things and stuff, as well. Fascinating.

Edit: Retrospectively, I was SO ill during my Czech Republic/Slovakia trip, so I wasn’t in the most positive of moods. I was really unfair about this country. Reading this makes me cringe so bad. How embarrassing!

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  1. Niall Doherty Reply

    Love reading about your travel adventures, man, the highs and the lows. Keep the reports coming!

    1. Anthony Reply

      Thanks Niall,
      Looking forward to hearing your thoughts from the road also!

  2. Rebecca Reply

    Melbourne. Looking back, it was a mistake from the start. Everyone said it had “great shopping” (my least favorite activity in the world) and “great restaurants” (couldn’t afford to eat other then from the grocery store most days). And really nothing of note on the tourist front!

    1. Anthony Reply

      Hey Rebecca,
      I think that would make me not want to visit too, hate shopping!! Did you manage to find any saving grace at all?

      1. Rebecca Reply

        The people were awesome. For not being an out going person to start with, I struck up some random but great conversations with people on the street. Much easier then I did with Sydney (though I liked Sydney as a city much more).

        So it wasn’t all a wash!

  3. Dean McKenna Reply

    Hmmm, I think it depends on what your interests are. For example, if you liked classical music and going to piano recitals, you’d love Prague. Also, maybe it’s internal malaise and not externally driven. Once, I went to Salamanca, the city is very nice, but I was walking around the streets feeling uninspired and bored as hell. That’s one of the problems with travelling alone, I think. It’s much easier to think “so what?”

    The next time I went there, I ended up in a hostel that was very nice, luxurious, even, and I befriended the bar guy (the owner’s brother) and he was giving me free beers and even beers to take up to my room for a nightcap (this guy drinks from about noon to 2 am every day). Also any left over tapas were fair (and free) game. So my nights were more enjoyable the second time around.

  4. Dean McKenna Reply

    Interestingly, we’d sit at the bar and talk about how he couldn’t find a girlfriend. I’d be pointing out different girls and he’d be running down his list of their weaknesses! The whole thing was funny as hell. Then, at the end, he’d say, ok, that’s it for the night, want a few beers to take upstairs? I’d say “yes” and go drink a couple of brews in my room alone. He takes a big-ass plate of tapas and 3 beers to his room, every single night, eats and drinks till he crashes.

    What I’m saying is sometimes the people can make a place look better.

    (Every time I call this guy, I can tell he’s drunk on the phone, even today).

    1. Anthony Reply

      Hey Dean,

      hahaha that sounds a pretty awesome chap to know! I ‘m not sure what I was looking for in Prague to be honest, but I do think time constraints played a part. I’m not a fan of the rushing around business. I met an Australian bloke in Prague who made out that he had shagged every single woman of every nationality in Eastern Europe haha, he was so full of shit!

  5. Scott Reply

    Love the honesty brah (Midwestern-American slang for bro), but I do have to disagree. The beer alone makes it an amazing destination in my opinion. Along with Belgium & Germany, truly a mecca for the sudsy stuff. In addition, I am a massive ice hockey fan and they have world class leagues there. I think it is a great mix of Eastern Europe meets new West. If I were you, I would head out to the suburbs and away from the tourist herds. I am not sure how long you will be in CR, but I suggest a couple nights in Cesky Krumlov to do some floating and soaking up of a beautiful medieval town. It’s on your way to Austria, about 2 hours south of Prague.

    1. Dean McKenna Reply

      I second the czech beer thing. It’s great.

      1. Anthony Reply

        Hey Dean,
        It really is – although my belly is getting more umm – beery! 😛

    2. Anthony Reply

      Hey Scott,
      Czech beer is pretty special! That one that begins with a K that I keep taking photos of is my favourite. I will ‘Czech’ out that place next time mate…..See what I did?? See what I did?? 😉

  6. mivvy Reply

    Lovely to read about Prague. The building above is not the opera house, but the Rudolfinum home to the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra

    1. Anthony Reply

      Hey Mivvy,
      Aaaah man, I thought it was the Opera house! That’s what you get when you rush around 🙂

  7. Renee — ramblecrunch Reply

    We had the same experience there.

    I know we were supposed to love Prague, the architecture is indeed grand, but it’s so Disneylandish that no one in my family could warm up to it. Perhaps if my husband and I had been without child and free to hang out in bars, that would have improved things. I don’t know. I didn’t find it all that cheap either.

    1. Anthony Reply

      Hey Rennee,
      I find it hugely similar to Amsterdam, with respect to it becoming overwhelmingly “touristy.” (Is that a proper word? It should be!!) I agree with the price and the stunning architecture, but I too just didn’t feel the love!

  8. Leo Reply

    Hey Anthony,
    I totally relate to your feelings about Prague when I think about my trip to MADRID.
    Beautiful parks, impressive architecture, a lot of art but no vibe.
    Stick to Barcelona guys! Both cities are run over by tourists but Barcelona loves you back.

    1. Anthony Reply

      Hey Leo,

      Isn’t it weird that people can have so much of a different interpretation of a place!?

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