Exploring Somewhere Out of Your Comfort Zone: A Guide

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Travel allows you to immerse yourself in new experiences, broaden your perspective, and learn more about a community and culture. Yet travelling to a destination that is opposite to your own can be a little daunting, as you may worry about facing different challenges along the way.

However, you shouldn’t allow a little fear to stand in the way of an amazing experience, which could help you to become a better, more knowledgeable person. Read the following guide on how to explore somewhere outside of your comfort zone.

Learn the Language

It’s always wise to learn at least a few key phrases before you travel to a foreign country. Not only is it polite, but it will also help you to communicate with locals should you need to ask them a question. Learning a language will ultimately boost your confidence in a foreign country, so you’ll feel more comfortable when travelling outside your comfort zone.

Talk to Locals

Your fear of a foreign destination might be all in your head. If you feel a little intimidated, the best way to feel comfortable is by talking to locals or any fellow travellers who may be staying in the same hostel or hotel as you. You’ll soon realise that most people are friendly, which could make you feel instantly at ease once you arrive. They are more than likely feeling the exact same way as you, too. So, ask locals or travellers questions or for advice on the best places to visit, which can help you make the most of your trip.

Book a Bespoke Tour

If you want to explore the best of a country but don’t have the confidence to go it alone, you should book a guided tour. For example, you can book Peru trips from UK, which will help you to navigate your way around the country. The bespoke tour will also include all transfers, excursions, internal flights, national park entrance fees, and accommodation. So, you’ll feel safer when travelling with an experienced tour guide, who will know the best places to visit to help you learn more about a culture, community, and its history.

Ignore Stereotypes

Always travel to a destination with an open mind. If you believed the stereotypes about every country, you might never go anywhere. Pigeonholing countries could potentially cause you to miss out on a fantastic experience, which would have allowed you to meet hospitable locals and enjoy unforgettable sights and attractions.

Embrace What Scares You

There are more than likely one or two things that are making you feel a little wary about a destination. It could be the cultural differences, unique cuisine, or the language barrier. Rather than running from your fears, embrace them once you arrive. For example, if you’re nervous about the food, make an effort to try different dishes. While not everything might be to your taste, there is bound to be a few dishes you’ll enjoy. Facing your fears during travelling will allow you to return home a more open-minded, confident person.

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