Exotic plants that deserve a place in your home

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Indoor plants are one of the best ways to complete the decoration of your home. As a general principle, live plants and flowers enhance the positive aura of a particular space whist adding a sense of balance and harmony.

Many resistant plants will be found in the family of succulents, where cacti belong. Besides these, there are many other options to help make the interior of your home more beautiful.


Croton is an exotic plant originating native to Malaysia and Indonesia. It is a shrub plant, which means you can place it in a large pot, in order to have it grow as it should. It belongs to the predominantly large indoor plants, as it can reach a height of up to 1.5 meters. We would not suggest that you place it on your balcony or garden as it has no resistance to intense temperature changes. Croton is really loved in Indonesia. You can find it next to an infinity pool Bali has in almost every hotel, or in your room.

Room temperature, that is about 20 – 25 degrees Celsius, is ideal for this plant. It does not need  frequent fertilization and pruning, but it does need moisture. We suggest that you water your pot with small amounts of water often, about 3-4 times a week.

Fico Benjamin

One of the most popular types of indoor beehive is the flip-flop. This species comes to us from Malaysia. The point of interest for this fancy biennial is that it is often used as an outdoor plant. Its size and shape resembles a small tree and is thus placed in some gardens. The cloud needs a relatively stable climate and temperature around 20-30 degrees to thrive.

It is not very resistant to adverse weather conditions, most especially cold temperatures. If you put him in the house, his foliage will be green and shiny throughout the year. However, it takes a lot of care. Benjamin blossom grows in soil with good drainage. It needs watering only when its soil looks dry, but it is good to spray its leaves with water frequently. In spring and autumn, you must remember to fertilize it twice a month for it to look its best.

Jasmine of Madagascar

The crown is a shrubby evergreen plant, which can even climb on various surfaces. It is the ideal solution for you if you are looking for large indoor plants that are blooming. It is also called Jasmine of Madagascar, because the flowers of the plant are very similar to our own jasmine and have a beautiful aroma. As you can imagine, the crown can get high enough if you put a tall reed in its pot and let it climb. You can limit it to the levels that suits you, pruning it carefully.

The crown needs soil with good drainage to grow, as well as frequent watering with small amounts of water. Also, it is necessary to treat it with water-soluble fertilizer all year round one a mouth, save only in the summer months. It is a plant that really deserves to be in your place. However, it is one of the big indoor plants which need a lot of care. Therefore, you may need the advice of a professional gardener to help keep it healthy.

Jade Planet

Jade is a succulent from South Africa. It is one of the largest indoor plants, with a height of between 1 and 3 meters. Despite its large size, it does not need much care. The jade can withstand both  garden and the balcony conditions, as long as it is not given too much moisture, or there is not too much rain. It can help you design a beautiful balcony decoration with flowers. It has a lifespan of many years, if it is protected from excessive amounts of water.

Ideally, the jade you plant for your home should have soil with good drainage and only be watered about once a week. The ideal temperature to grow it in is room temperature, around 20-25 degrees Celsius. Due to the minimal care it requires, the indoor jade plant is often referred to as the plant of the backyards. If you have a very limited knowledge of gardening, but you want a great plant to decorate your home with its greenery, jade is an ideal choice for you.

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