Discovering Japan

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When people say ‘Japan’, the first thing that usually come to our minds is Sushi! However, did you know that there is much more to this charming city? Also called the ‘Land of the Rising Sun’, Japan is located in the Pacific Ocean. Spread across just 377,972 km2, this country holds a rich history and is the third largest national economy in the world. Japan is really timeless; it is a place where old traditions are mixed with modern lifestyle, in a natural and beautiful way.

Culture and Traditions

On the exterior, Japan appears to be highly modern. However, when you travel to Japan, it offers many chances to connect with the country’s culture and traditions. Have a local experience of the country by staying at a ryokan (Japanese inn) and try sleeping on futons and tatami mats. Also, experience ancient culture by padding through wooden halls to the bathhouses. You may as well want to chant with the monks or to learn how to make matcha (green tea powder). From zen rock gardens to amazing Kyoto geisha dances, Japan has the ability to capture the heart of even the most aloof traveller. And all year round, the country puts forwards different festivals and celebrations like Awa Dance Festival, Matsuri, Karatsu Kunchi and many more.

Delicious Cuisine

No matter in which part of Japan you are, you are never more than 500m away from a wonderful meal. The many restaurants normally focus on a single dish, with generations trying to make it better and better. The food culture is all about considering each stage from collecting the fresh herbs and ingredients, to gathering the dish in the most pretty way. Furthermore, you don’t need to travel much to discover the delicious cuisine, as it is deeply diverse. For instance, the coasts are renowned for their hearty sushi while the mountains offer various menus. Japan’s cuisine is also very seasonal; you might experience distinct tastes and flavours, at different times of the year.

In the Open Air

Japan is a lengthy and slim plot of land, surrounded by the waters. It can be described as two-thirds mountains, with bubbly hot springs at each turn. During the warmer months, it’s better to hike; the cedar orchards and arenas of wildflowers, and spiralling mountaintops and ancient shrines, are worth seeing. The winter months bring the snow and lets you try the world-class skiing. If you are more of a tropical person, you better head to the south where the beautiful beaches offer diving, surfing and snorkelling.

Metropolis and Skyscrapers

When you look at the neon-lit cities of Japan, you will almost feel like on the movie set of a sci-fi film. Even if the towers and skyscrapers are old, they bring a shiny aspect to the nights. Tokyo and Osaka have been blessed with new architectural buildings that redefine what cities should be like. There is a wonderful approach to the urban areas, thanks to their extravagant street life, 24-hour drinking and posh restaurants.

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