Different Probes You Can Use With Your New Multimeter

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Some people will say that a multimeter is good only as the probes linked to it. That’s why it is important to know your possibilities and to understand this matter more than you think. No, not all probes are the same or they are made for the same purpose, something we will discuss here.

Crocodile clips

These probes are very common and very useful. You will find them the most useful when want to place them on different wires, conductors or on poles. The main idea is that a probe will stay in place and you don’t have to hold it while measuring. You probably already know how is complicated to measure something with other kinds of probes. They will move while trying to get an accurate reading, which affects the accuracy. Crocodile clips eliminate this issue.

Retractable hook clips

Basically, they are similar to the first type mentioned here, with one major difference. They look like hooks which makes them unique. However, they are still clips meaning that you can clip them in place while measuring. They are a bit rarer than other kinds of probes and they are reserved for users who are looking for something specific, something different from their multimeters.

Retractable refers to the cable which connects the multimeter and a probe. It looks like a cable on the old phone and the probes will retract when not in the use.

Pointed probes

Chances are high that the best klein multimeter comes with pointed probes. As the name suggests, they are pointed and perfect for measuring wires and things that are small in diameter. Nowadays, most multimeters come with this kind of probes, so we can say that they are the most popular of them all.

The cable that links a probe with the multimeter can be retractable or an ordinary wire. The jack is commonly known as banana jack and connecting is easy. As always, make sure to follow the instructions and keep in mind that there are two different colored cables. One is positive while other is negative.

Tweezers probes

This kind of probes is becoming more and more popular as we speak. They look simple and they may look like tweezers, therefore the name. The main purpose is for measuring when the test points are close. For instance, you can use this when you want to measure the conductivity of LAN cable. In other words, they are similar to pointed probes and they are basically used for the same purpose, but the second type is easier to use.

The final word

The best part is the fact all of these types are affordable, so you can add them to your multimeter without making a big investment. In return, you will get a complicated and advanced unit which is capable of measuring almost anything. So yes, you will have a better multimeter if you have better, more appropriate probes. Almost all multimeters support all of the types we have mentioned above.

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