Detox for a Drug Test for THC with Marijuana Detox Drinks

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People love to get high. Most of the time, there are no consequences to this. A few friends gather up, roll a blunt, laugh and have a good time. But, the professional world doesn’t like this type of pleasure. There is still a taboo associated with weed. Even many celebrities are standing up for it. The greatest example is Elon Musk. While on Joe Rogan’s podcast, they both smoked some weed and had a great time together. The news blew up, and even more attention was brought to the topic.

Some people changed their minds, and others didn’t. In the latter category, we’d put all of the companies that still do drug tests. Usually, before employment, they ask you to give them a urine sample, or a hair sample to test it for THC. No one but them knows why they do this. Marijuana doesn’t affect your work performance. But, tell that to the old people running the company, and you’ll never get hired. So, there are a few questions that need to be answered now. Can you get clean for a drug test with detox drinks? And, can you do it in a day? The short answers are yes and yes. Click here to read more.

What types of detox drinks are available?

First things first, there are two types of cleansing drinks that work for weed. The first type we’ll talk about is called diuretics. These are the ones you take a few days before the test. They force your kidneys to work faster and flush out the toxins. One thing that should be noted is that they aren’t foolproof. There is a small chance that a metabolite could find its way in your bladder. This means that it will show up on the test.

Furthermore, they can also dilute your pee. If your pee is too diluted, it’s the same as if THC showed up on the test. They’ll know that you took something before the test to get clean. Because of this, many detox companies have started to add vitamin B and creatine to their products. This allows the pee to retain its natural look, and composition.

The second type of detox drinks stops the metabolism for a short period. Of course, not the entire metabolism, only the parts that need to be slowed down. The number of fat cells that go into your urine is reduced to a minimal amount. This gives you a short window of time to take the test. The period is around 4 to 5 hours. After this, your metabolism will go back to normal, and the fat cells will start entering the urine. Since the molecules of THC are attached to our fat cells, it’s best to take the test in the recommended timeframe.

Depending on the time you have, you can take one of the two options. If you’re notified a week before the test, then the first type would be better. Of course, that is the cheaper option as well. But, say your boss tells you that you’ll be tested tomorrow. Then, the only solution you have is to buy one of the second types and give your sample in the mentioned period. Read more here:

Can a detox drink be detected on a drug test?

Many people are worried that the ingredients from the drinks will show up on the test. You shouldn’t bother your mind about this. That’s because none of the agencies test for them. Even the most potent drinks don’t have ingredients that the labs analyze. They’re only made of a few chemicals that speed up your metabolism to work faster. A great thing is an addition of masking parts that give your pee the look, the smell, and the composition of totally normal, healthy urine.

Do detox drinks work after their expiry date?

Now, this is an important topic. We’ll mention a few things here that a lot of people don’t know about. First of all, everything can expire. The thing that interests you is whether the product works after the date. Well, with these drinks, their effect becomes smaller and smaller over time. This means that as they get older, the detoxing effects diminish.

Ordering them online from suspicious sites is also bad. There are too many sellers online that want to get rid of their supplies, and they offer discounts. This means that the products are close to expiring. Always buy from a trusted source that has a very high turnover of products. Also, be sure to check the reviews. If there are a lot of positive reviews, this means that the product does what it’s supposed to do.

Do detox drinks work for other types of drugs?

All drugs work in the same way. You put something in your body, it doesn’t matter in which way. Then, it starts working after it’s entered your bloodstream. This allows it to connect to the cells of your body and give you a feeling that you desire. However, even after the effect is gone, the particles are still strolling around inside of you. And, all of them need to be extracted by your kidneys and pass through the urine. A thing that might help in knowing how much time it will take to be gone entirely is this. If the drug can be dissolved in water, you’ll be clean in a short while.

Now, detox drinks speed up your metabolism. This means that they speed up your kidneys as well. So, the logical conclusion here is that no matter what kind of drugs you take, these drinks will help out a lot. All of the particles will be flushed out. And, if there is only a short window of time, they can mask your pee to be perfectly reasonable. Don’t be afraid to give 50 bucks for a quality product. It’s better to spend a little bit of money to save your job in the long run.

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