Champagne: Expressing Celebration and Providing Great Health

It is not much of a secret that Australians have a love affair with excellent quality champagne. A bottle of excellent quality champagne signifies a fine dining experience in their psyche. With that being said, a bottle of the finest champagne is not as easily identifiable as other alcoholic beverages are. While some might go for the famous champagne selling producers, some insist on home-brewed drinks that add qualities of uniqueness, customisation and finesse into every made bottle. However, finding this home-brewed goodness is a great challenge. Bevmart is one such company/source dedicated to providing its customers decadent, high-quality beverages without charging insane amounts as other companies might do.

The origin and making of champagne: 

The name champagne was initially dedicated to this particular beverage because of the town in which it originated. The chalky soils of champagne produce the grapes used in making this very exquisite beverage that is a variant of the usual wine but is extra white and sparkly. The grapes that are permitted in the production of champagne are of three specific variants. No other variants in the grape family are included in the production of champagne, even though there are other parts of the world from where champagne is produced and sold in the current days. At the end of the labour-intensive procedure that goes into its production, sound quality champagne can be judged by its bubbles – tiny and very fine.    

Australia’s indulgence with the French culinary:

It was one of the first few foreign cuisines that stepped onto the shores of Australia that immediately gained the symbolism of romance and indulgence from the beginning. It was an embracement of refined taste, luxury and a symbol of fostering respect for guests. The attraction towards the vibrant colours of champagne, striking gold and subtle pink, both denoting an occasion with a delicate sweetness. It remains one of the beverages that have a special place in Australian hearts that mark genuine respect and affection.

Health Benefits:

As much as it is concerned to be a true mark of celebration, no matter the size of the occasion, it has its health benefits scientifically proven. Considering these facts is only an added excuse to consume champagne otherwise.

  • The first and foremost fact is that a low-calorie drink allows a diet conscious person to indulge in this beverage guilt-free. It has about one-third fewer calories than regular wine, red or white.
  • It improves memory and prevents conditions like memory loss, dementia, etc. It has been proven that it decreases the risk by fifty per cent for people over forty years.
  • Promotes good heart health: Just like wine contains antioxidants that promote an overall better circulation of blood in the heart, so does champagne. These antioxidants also end up producing an even skin tone. The key is consumption in moderation, as it is with all alcoholic beverages.
  • It effortlessly boosts one’s mood due to the presence of elements like magnesium, zinc and potassium.

The wait and hesitation to get that bottle of champagne are unnecessary. Sources like bevmart are excellent options to obtain this delectable drink. As Winston Churchill rightly said, “a single glass of champagne imparts a feeling of exhilaration”, experiencing bliss in a sip of this exquisite beverage is indeed one of the best inventions of humanity.  

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