CBD Hemp Oil For Dogs Benefits You Should Know

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There is a craze going on at the moment involving medical marijuana use for humans but did you notice the growing buzz around hemp oil for dogs? CBD hemp oil for dogs is derived from the hemp plant, which is related to marijuana. As opposed to cannabis, hemp plant has a low THC content. THC is the psychoactive substance inside cannabis. Hemp products are offering a nutritional boost thanks to an increase in Omega sources and the presence of various nutrients. At the same time, you may want to learn more about the following facts.

Why CBD Hemp Oil For Your Dog?

Pet owners use CBD oil and vets recommend it in order to help with various chronic illnesses. It is highly useful for dogs that deal with seizures, in order to halt cancer cell growth and as a really strong anti-inflammatory drug. Basically, CBD oil is a great idea because of its medicinal properties.

Your best friend has cannabinoid receptors (CB receptors) all over the body. These are responsible for the regulation of the pet’s mood, pain perception, appetite regulation and even help with memory. As CBD circulates inside the blood, receptors are activated and the dog’s appetite, pain sensation and overall mood change. The changes are beneficial.

Will The Dog Get High?

The main reason why some pet owners do not want to use CBD hemp oil for dogs is the belief that the pet will end up getting high. This is not actually the case since it is THC that is responsible for marijuana’s characteristic high. Also, THC is toxic for your dog. Plants that are utilized to extract the CBD oil are really poor in THC content. This characteristic is transmitted to the oil. CBD works as an effective THC blocker so the dog will not be poisoned by THC or get high.

What is really important is to buy the CBD hemp oil for dogs from highly reputable sellers. There are some manufacturers that do not really care about the health of the dog. These have to be avoided so only buy from sellers you trust.

CBD Oils Or CBD Pills?

When choosing between CBD oils and gel capsules you should know that both are effective. However, what the pet should receive is dependent on the dog. Some pets handle the liquid drops better while others prefer the tablets. Pet owners have to consider their experience with different drugs in the past in order to choose between CBD pills and CBD oils.

CBD capsules have the main advantage that they are pre-measured. The pup can easily get a tablet and you have complete control over dosage. With CBD hemp oil drops you have to count the drops. Using liquid drops is not difficult but the pet owner should always be sure that dosage is right.

Oils stand out as a great option for the dog that hates pills and there are many that fall into this category. Also, the hemp oil drops can be added right on dog treats and the dog will not even realize the difference. If you aren’t 100% percent sure how you should use CBD oils to help your pet, you can always contact a professional. There are many new companies that offer amazing services to keep your pet safe and healthy. You should definitely check new pet insurance companies, like Bivvy insurance, and find the perfect partner to help you take care of your beloved pet!

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