Becoming Bear Grylls: A Guide to Connecting with Your Primal Self

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It has never been more acceptable as a man to embrace your softer side than it is today.You want to experiment with eyeliner? Go right ahead. Borrow your girlfriend’s skinny jeans or if you’re brave invest in some ‘meggings’? (that’s leggings for men in case you don’t already know). Why the hell not?

Although this is a positive step, of course, in the fight for gender equality; sometimes men just want to feel like men. In the traditional sense that is. Why?

Maybe you want to discover your inner caveman. Or maybe you just like the idea of jumping off cliffs, wrestling with a bear and getting really dirty.

Whatever the reason, connecting with your primal self can do you the world of good both physically and mentally, and here’s how you can do it.

Push yourself physically

You may think that you are physically active by going running three times a week, or you may even consider yourself an athlete if you regularly participate in running events, but how often do you push yourself beyond your limits; blood, sweat and tears.

Probably never. Mostly likely because you have never needed to, but by putting yourself in an extreme situation which requires intense physical effort and mental exertion, you will be surprised at how alive and invigorated you feel afterwards.

Embrace nature

The simple act of being surrounded by natural beauty and untouched surroundings can really put your life into perspective. This is a particularly good experience if you are feeling disconnected with your life and the world in general.

Why not try wild camping? Or, for an adventure on a larger scale, rent an RV from Cruise America and embark on a once in a lifetime road trip around the U.S.A.

Fight the fear

This doesn’t have to be an activity as extreme as skydiving or white water rafting (although knock yourself out if you want to); it simply means doing something that you are afraid of, or that is outside of your comfort zone.

Fear is not an emotion that you should shy away from, in fact the opposite is true, you should embrace your fears and fight to overcome them. When you are in a situation that makes you feel afraid, your body releases epinephrine (remember Jason Stratham in Crank) and adrenaline which triggers your fight or flight response.

Make sure you fight, otherwise fear will only hold you back from achieving your true potential.

Have a purpose

As a rule, men are purposeful beings; as in they like to have a new challenge or a goal set in their sights that they want to achieve. Simply ambling through life and taking each day as it comes is not how most men are programmed; they need a focus.

Unfortunately, everyday life can get in the way of goal-setting and this in turn can lead to feelings of dissatisfaction.

Ensure that you take the time to fulfil your own desires and set yourself challenges that will keep you feeling motivated and driven.

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