Are You The Type Of Person You Want To Meet?

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Just a short one today. Let’s keep it real. Do you ever find yourself bemoaning how you attract the wrong people into your life? Be it romance, business, friendship, workplace – or just general conversations with strangers on a day to day basis?

Are you constantly being disrespected and let down by others? Sure, everyone’s allowed a little slip up now and then. But what if it’s a perpetual pattern that’s hard to ignore? Endless disappointment. Victim complex. Words without meaning. Conflict. Negativity. A spiral of doom and gloom. He did this. She said that.

Maybe you’re just unlucky, right? Or maybe, just maybe – it’s you!

Yes, not so much of an easy concept to get your head around, but bear with me. I’m on your side! I watched a movie the other day and the following scene really spoke to me:

why do I

we accept

Wise words, Mister! The world is a mirror – we attract not only what we want, but what we are. During my youth, I suffered anger issues for a long time. And guess which type of people I used to attract when I was angry? Yup, get yourself a gold star and a high five – I attracted other angry/negative people into my life.

Because my anger was so repressed (I used to push it back down into my system) – the energy became more violent. Like a snowball rolling down the hill; it became bigger as it progressed with motion. It created a bigger vacuum of energy for likeminded individuals to communicate with me on my frequency. And like bees to honey – the same people would just ‘appear’ in my life. But of course, they weren’t gate-crashing. They were invited. Good attracts good. Bad attracts bad. Like attracts like.

Finding out this massive dick-punch of a life lesson woke me up and made me aware of the love I truly felt I deserve. It helped me to see that I had a warped sense of self-worth at the time and that for me to meet better people – I had to become a better person. I had to simply change my frequency and tap into the forces that be.

Ask yourself what type of people you want to meet. Why should they want to meet you? True relationships are when you nourish one another. Become that person and trust me, they will fall into your life like drops of rain. Of course, we have our own perks and quirks that make us imperfect, loveable and annoying. I’m not saying completely change who you are. What I am saying is you are a work in progress and there is always more you can do to manifest higher quality people into your life.

Don’t stomp out the fire. Let it burn. Just be careful which fuel you’re putting into it.

Don’t just set standards. Become the standard. Be the shining light. Lead the way and I promise you that more valuable people will come into your life.

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  1. Anna Suvorova Reply

    love this, angel. Great work!

  2. Jackie Rose Reply

    Great post. Two things come to mind. A friend once told me that by staying in mediocre relationships, or continuing to spend time with friends who bring me down, I am sending the wrong message to the universe. I am telling the universe, "Yes, this is what I choose, this is what I want." I know, it sounds all flowery but it made sense to me…. Somehow this ties into the practice of being the change you wish to see in the world. If you want more loving relationships, be more loving and open to love.

    I like what you said about nourishing each other in good relationships. Being the change feels like nourishing myself. That way I come into and bring into the relationship the energy I want, of love and openness. Thanks for a great post!