Are You Really Fit?

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Fitness is not as easy to define as we think it is, mostly because the definition and the parameters differ from person to person and a lot of variables are in place here. So how do you know if you are really fit? There are definitely ways to determine that and while none of what you are going to read next is set in stone, they will give you an idea of where you stand on the fitness scale.

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Do You Put in 120 minutes of Work Out Sessions Every Week?

The workout could be something as light as brisk walking or as vigorous as alternate days of lifting and HIIT, but the total time spent on dedicated workout sessions has to be at least 120 minutes every week. If you are really fit, then it’s very likely that you are spending a lot more than two hours per week working out, but that’s just about the minimum mark you should be hitting.

Can You Touch Your Toes?

Flexibility is very much a part of being fit and one of the simplest ways to determine your body’s flexibility is by trying to touch your toes while standing, without bending the knees. If you find it too tough or if the muscles seem so tight that it hurts, it’s time to do some hamstring stretches and yoga to get your fitness level up.

Try and Hold a Plank for 60 Seconds

Assume the simple plank position and try to hold it for a minute to see if your core is as strong as it should be. If you can hold it for two minutes, you have a strong core, but holding it for even a minute is pretty much an assurance that you have a moderately strong core.

The Two-Mile Run

Part of the US Military’s basic fitness test, the two-mile run is a reliable way to determine your cardiovascular fitness level. If you can complete it, you are definitely very fit, but even coming close is pretty good.

Sleeping Habits

Do you sleep soundly for 6 – 8 hours at a stretch? If yes, then it’s a sign that you are psychologically and physically fit. People who have health issues or lead an inactive lifestyle have trouble achieving long undisturbed hours of sleep.

The BMI Test

Body Mass Index or BMI is determined according to your age after comparing your weight to your height and if your score falls within 18.5 and 24.9, you can rest assured that your bodyweight is within healthy limits. If you are below 18.5 or above 25, you are either underweight or overweight; none of which is healthy.

The Pushup Test

If you can do anywhere between 20 – 30 pushups at one go, you have good upper body strength and stamina. You can even try a few variations to see how fit you really are.

As stated earlier, these parameters can and will change according to multiple factors such as age, conditioning, medical history, physical and mental conditions, etc. Nevertheless, if you just checked all the boxes on this list, you can consider yourself to be fitter than the majority of the population.

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