Africa’s best national parks and its top 5 safari countries in Africa

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The African subcontinent is full of forests and wild areas, the natural habitat of many wildlife species. Over seventy percent of the land is covered with the tropical environment. And when it comes to the tropical climate, you can never ignore the huge scale biodiversity of both the flora and the fauna. With a vast diversity in the forest habitats, you will find different varieties of the species of wild animals including the mammals, the reptiles, and even the marine life forms.
Now, Africa means the safari countries and in turn, they mean taking a walk amidst the wildlife of the forest. Mostly the central countries offer the safaris in Africa, with having a large number of national parks.

And to witness the preserves in real person is something that can both excite you and overwhelm you at the same time. If you are looking forward to visiting the national parks in the top safari countries in the African subcontinent, then here are the best ones waiting for you.

1. Kenya- Masai Mara Reserve

The terrain of this eastern African country includes the highland areas and the Great Rift Valley. With an equatorial climate, you will find a lot of different national parks here in this country. So, with this in mind, travel to Kenya to experience the bliss of the freshwater wildlife and the rainforests scattered around the terrain. However, if you really want to enjoy your stay in Kenya around the wilderness, then Masai Mara Reserve will be your ideal choice for the purpose.
Maasai Mara Reserve sports the Savannah climate with vast expanses of plains and grasses. The name is devoted to the ancient tribes of the place- the Massai people.  Being one of the part of the Mara-Serengeti ecosystem it is one of the most popular national parks in the eastern belt. The shrubs and trees grow along the banks of the rivers and on the hilltops. The big five cats of the animal kingdom- Lion, Leopard, Elephant, Cape Buffalo, and the Rhinoceros- are found in this forest. In the Mara and the Talek river, you can see the Hippos and the crocodiles in large numbers. Other wildlife includes the antelopes, Masai giraffe, bat-eared fox, and even the roan antelope.

2. Tanzania- Serengeti Park

Though Tanzania is the home to the highest peak of Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro, you cannot ignore the Serengeti park which is contagious to the Maasai Mara Park. Located in the Serengeti ecosystem, the national park is famous for the large-scale migration of the white-bearded wildebeest.
The term ‘Serengeti’ was given by the Massai people when they discovered the land through the grazing of their cattle. The term itself means that the place where the land will run forever. The vegetation is of Savannah type and the plains are mostly covered by the grasslands. Woods are also there but not in a plenty quantity. Three different sections are there in the park- the Serengeti plains where you will find no trees with an iconic view or the grassland, the Western Corridor with black clay soil, and the Northern Serengeti with the open woodlands and the hills.
Coming to the wildlife, wildebeest is the main large mammal dominating the land. Apart from them, you can see the Impala, gazelles, waterbuck, Nile crocodile, zebra, bushbuck, African Leopard, Black Rhinoceros, spotted hyena, and so on.

3. Botswana- Chobe Park

This is the country’s first national park and is quite diverse on the biological scale. According to the history of the area, the San Bushmen, also known as the Basarwa, dominated it. The entire forest is divided into four different regions, all thanks to the different ecosystems in the land.

        The Serendola area with hardwood forests and floodplains
        The Savuti Marsh area with the Savannah landform and the grassland
        The Linyanti Marsh with open woodlands, floodplains, and even the lagoons
        Hinterland with the Nogastsaa glass woodland

The main attraction of the park lies in the elephants. In fact, with an estimated count of 50,000, it is the only national park with the highest population of the animal. You will encounter innumerable wild species including the zebras, the puku antelope, the jackal, cheetah, waterbucks, and even the foxes.

4. Zambia- South Luangwa Park

It is considered to be a popular safari spot in the country of Zambia. The main attraction lies in the huge number of Avian species, nearly counting to 400. In fact, here you can take a walk around the wilderness to experience the wildlife. two types of Savannah ecosystem exist in the park- the Miombo Woodlands in the southern part and the Zambezian and the Mopane Woodlands near the valley bottom.
A large number of hippos inhabit the floodplains while the grasslands draw the zebras and the giraffes.

5. South Africa- Kruger Park

The entire park has four different vegetations, making the biodiversity varied. The main five beasts of the wild are found here, in this national park. The number of elephants living in this forest is impressing and has been increasing over the years. All total of 517 species of birds are found along with around 114 species of reptiles. The park is the habitat of around 3000 crocodiles.
These parks are the protected habitats, governed by the governments of the respective countries. Many amendments and protective measures have been taking in order to protect these natural green covers of the earth. With such a large biodiversity, make sure to enjoy your safari holidays in the African subcontinent.

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