Adjusting to Life Back Home after Long-Term Travel

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It happens to us all at some point, where the open road isn’t quite as appealing as putting down roots. It happens when we want stability; we want a home that we can work on and grow in. Perhaps we even want to start thinking about starting a family. When this happens, the only thing left to do is pack up and head home – or, perhaps, to your spiritual home, where you can instead start a life where you are happiest. Once you are there, however, it gets tricky. That’s because adjusting to a stationary life can be difficult when you have been a nomad for so long. Some people planned ahead before travelling and can go back to their home as they had vacant property management or rented their old home out. If you did’nt, this is why you need to follow this guide to make the process as smooth as possible:

  1. Make Your New Home a Project

This point applies whether you are renting your first flat or you have your own remote business and can afford to make the renovations you need to be truly happy at home. The only difference is whether you hang your memories using blue tac or if with nails. If you heat your new home using DIY hacks or if you install beautiful and artistic tall radiators to liven the place up. Regardless of your sense of style, the point of making your home a project is because you need to feel comfortable in the space. You need it to reflect you, and your travels, otherwise you can end up feeling restless and ungrounded.

  1. Applying for Your First Job

Unless you already have a business that you have been working on remotely, and similarly have the income to continue to work from home, you’ll need to get a job. If you need an income fast, there are many part-time jobs available to keep you on your feet, but in order to be happiest while you are settling in you will need to find a career job that allows you to do what you love, in an environment you can feel like you are progressing in. If you have a significant social media following, try applying for a social media manager position. Or you could try to apply to any number of travel agencies out there. That way you can take your passion with you into your new job.

  1. Making Friends

Making friends on the road is easy. Everyone wants to make friends because they are all new to the area. You explore together, you do new things together, and then you part ways. Short-term friendships aren’t big commitments, which is why they are much easier to make (and keep) compared to friends once you have settled down. Don’t fret, however – you can make friends very similarly to how you did before – just try new things and be your adventurous and fun self.

Settling down is a great thing, especially after you have already travelled the world and have no regrets left behind. Settling allows you to make strong bonds, and it allows you to find your own piece of the city you now live in. It allows you to make your home yours, rather than just make do. Settling down is when you can build your life up, your friends, and a family.

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