A Life Changing experience On The Andes Of Machu Picchu

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In the world of men, it is believed that everything can be explained away by science. But there are still some mysteries that even the “almighty” science cannot explain or fathom. The Inca people of the 13th century and their great accomplishments, are very good examples of things that cannot easily be explained by science. Somewhere in Peru, rests over 150 structures on a high ridge in Machu picchu.

I am not going to brief you about what makes these structures and the technology behind them so mysterious, because that will take all the fun out of it. But what I can tell you, is about the Inca people themselves. If after telling you about them, you find them fascinating then you can go ahead and visit this great sight of great wonder. The Inca people were fierce warriors and master engineers that conquered and dominated several territories, spanning over 1,800,000 km2

They fed their people by converting steep slopes into farmlands by the rise and run of terracing. It is said that more land were under cultivation back then than it is now in modern Peru. The surprising thing though about the Inca people is that they only ruled for 100 years, before they were decimated first by disease, followed by civil war and finally by the Spanish conquerors. The spanaids drove the last emperor of the Inca people to the mountains in a city called vilcabamba. The Inca people held their ground in Vilcabamba for 35 years until finally in 1572, the spanish destroyed the city. Oddly enough, there wasn’t any written manuscript as to the location of this city. That my friend, is what gave rise to the “legend of the lost city of Vilcabamba” known today as Machu Picchu. You might be wondering why……the history lesson?…..Well, you cannot really understand why you need to know about the Inca people until you visit Machu Picchu to see the feats accomplished by these extraordinary people. They were likened to the great Roman civilization but with one great distinction…..the Inca people built these marvels without the use of iron tools, wheeled carts nor any written language. You can book a tour with https://www.kandooadventures.com/ to see these breathtaking structures. It is by all means a once in a lifetime experience.

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