A Guide To A Holiday In Alaska

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Described as rugged, stark, wild, mysterious, amazing, the last frontier and in many more ways, Alaska, the 49th State offers beautiful glaciers, wild and rugged landscapes, and abundant wildlife to its visitors. If you are planning a trip to Alaska, this guide will help you with a holiday of a lifetime.

Best Time to Visit

While Alaska is beautiful and enchanting all around the year, each season has its pros and cons.

Summer: The most popular season to visit Alaska, summer starts in June and ends in August. The climate is a bit warmer and it is easier to access the remote backcountry during these months. However, since more people visit Alaska at this time of the year, it tends to get more crowded and also more expensive.

Fall: With the majority of visitors on their way back home, September and October are good months to visit for hiking. With the colors of fall in the valleys, it is possible to still see the Aurora on clear nights. Temperatures start going down and it is not uncommon to get snow by mid-October.

Winter: This is the time for those who love winter sports. From November to March, most of the state is under a blanket of snow. Probably the best season to see the Aurora, it is also a great time for those who enjoy skiing, ice skating, snowboarding, and snow machining.

Spring: The long nights are getting shorter and the snow has started melting. April and May are good months to visit as the temperatures have just started creeping up and the visitors have not yet started arriving in droves.

Accommodation in Alaska

The options are not many by way of accommodation in Alaska. Hotels have started coming up, but most of them are confined to the larger cities of Alaska and can be quite expensive during the spring and summer seasons. One option that could make your holiday from good to great is booking yourself a personal cabin. Outfits such as Alaska Moose & Spruce offer not just fully furnished individual cabins, but also plan the perfect itinerary for your Alaskan holiday. With plenty of safe and amazing places for camping, another option is to pack a tent and enjoy the great outdoors. For those who like traveling from one location to another, renting an RV would be a good choice.

Things to do in Alaska

There are several activities on offer for people of all ages. Some of the more popular activities include:

  • Wildlife and glacier cruises, where you could get a chance to see a glacier calve right in front of your eyes and/or a pod of whales cruising in the waters.
  • For those who love winter sports, there are a few ski resorts as well as options for snowboarding and ice skating.
  • Looking for some must-dothings? Try glacier trekking on some of Alaska’s easy to access glaciers.
  • The dream of every angler, Alaska is a fishing paradise. From halibut to salmon, a fish is waiting to be caught by every angler.
  • Moose, bears, caribou, whales, bald eagles and so many more. Alaska is known for its wilderness and the inhabitants that live there.

The Bottom Line

The place for a holiday of a lifetime, Alaska offers something for everyone. Plan your trip and have a whale of a time.

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