7 Ways to Overcome Fear of Solo Travel

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Most people travel in groups or with a partner because there’s just that pervasive, universal fear of going alone. Some would rather compromise their travel plans by going to another country instead of the one they really want, out of fear of not having anyone to go with. You could come up with so many excuses for not ever trying solo travel, but everyone knows it is rooted on one thing: fear.

It makes sense to feel afraid because going solo is outside most people’s comfort zones. The unknown can either be feared or scorned, but you don’t have to do either if you’ve come to grips that it’s time to truly overcome that fear. There are so many things that can go wrong, and concerns regarding it aren’t usually discussed in popular media.

If you’re here looking for answers on how to overcome your fears, read below on how to conquer the dread of solo travel.


While safety is always an issue wherever you are in the world, it seems it becomes more emphasized when traveling solo. The feeling is understandable because, when you set out alone, you have no one else to turn to but yourself. Fortunately, there are ways to help you take care of yourself throughout the journey.

The one thing that you should remember is to prepare adequately. There’s no such thing as overpreparation when you travel alone.

When you are going to unfamiliar territory, make sure you do your research. Check for the country’s government warnings, weather, calamities, and other stuff so you know what sort to expect. Other than that, always remember what you’ve learned at home to stay safe, and you’ll be fine.

Take Local Trips First

If you don’t want to take the plunge first by going international on your first solo trip, then it helps to acclimate yourself by going on local trips by yourself. If you’re accustomed to your own company, then it should be easy for you to manage it. If not, then this is a good way to learn more about how you can handle situations alone when you’re away from home.

When you do travel solo, you will quickly learn how to organize things by yourself. You will also be more conscious of what things to do and prepare for the next time you travel alone. The more you go solo, the easier it will be.

Go to Solo-Travel-Friendly Destinations

If you’ve finally found the courage to travel by yourself but still have misgivings about the countries you want to go to, try looking into destinations that are known to be safe for solo travelers. There are a lot of countries out there that are more tourist-friendly than others. They have attractions that are easily navigable and with good options for dining and accommodation.

If you’re anxious about not knowing the country’s mother tongue, this is a good way to get over that. Even if you think the destination is too well-trodden, you can still go because, at the very least, it will help you get comfortable with the idea of going solo. There will still be a lot of things to do, see, and experience.

Pack Accordingly

Apart from doing your research, it helps to pack accordingly. What you will bring will ultimately matter once you are on the road. If you’re going trekking or city-touring, it is always recommended to pack light.

If you find it too expensive to carry a stroller or a really big backpack for a couple of weeks of travel, then consider investing in leather duffle bags. It is spacious enough to carry several items of clothing but small enough to be a carry-on when you’re going on a plane. It is also extremely durable, so it can withstand being inevitably tossed around on your journey.

Recall Your Reasons for Traveling

People travel for different reasons, and like them, you also have yours. If you’re beginning to feel the doubt coming in, remember the reasons you want to travel for yourself.

When people try to discourage you, especially loved ones, know that they are doing it out of concern, but be firm in saying that it is what you want. Once your convictions take a hold of you, you will be surprised how supportive your family will be in the end.

If not, seek encouragement in other places. Read blogs from solo travel websites or even friends you know who have taken the journey. You never have to be alone, so reach out to people whom you know will encourage you.

Remain Curious

Although this sounds counterintuitive to what was mentioned above, you can still remain curious even when careful. Whatever your purpose for going on the journey alone, the effect of it is universal: your perspectives widen. That is why it is always important to be open to the experiences whether you have it good or bad, because it is how you learn more about yourself and the world.

Be Always Kind to Yourself

There will be times where things won’t always go your way, because the world is not a perfect place. It is the truth about traveling no matter how scary it is.

Mistakes may come in the form of wasted money, time, effort, and belongings. So when that happens, remember that you are made of stronger stuff, so cut yourself some slack, and chalk it up to your experiences.

What are some of the ways that helped you overcome your fear of solo travel? Write them below in the comments section.

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