7 Health Benefits of CBD

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If you’ve been watching the news lately you might have heard about how cannabis has been being decriminalised and even fully legalised in some places, with the most recent being Canada. This is a great move, not just for those who like to use it recreationally to help them chill out after a hard day at work or just to relax at the weekends, but it means that for those who use it medicinally, there will be even more products, variations, strains and options on the market in certain areas of the world. While things like CBD oils and tinctures are already a huge hit in a number of countries, the only way is up. But why should you take CBD oil or edibles and other forms of this cannabis extract? Here are seven top health benefits to using CBD.

Management Of Chronic Pain

It’s true! CBD oil, edibles and more can all help manage pain. Just when you thought that your pain wouldn’t go away, suddenly there’s CBD oil and you can walk without aid again! You can build up a tolerance quickly to pharmaceuticals, and as a result may need you to move up the ranks to stronger pills in quick succession. But with CBD, you can manage your pain long term with no adverse, potentially addictive issues.

Reduce/Manage Anxiety And Depression

CBD has the ability to relax and calm the mind and body and those two things are absolutely GREAT for those people who have anxiety and depression! After all, what better way to help keep those negative thoughts at bay than by chilling out and having something that helps calm that inner critic. It’s a win-win!

Can Aid In Alleviating Chemotherapy Side Effects

That’s right! CBD oil can actually help combat the negative side effects of treatments like chemotherapy. Touted as one of the best accompaniments to any kind of chemical therapy to help lessen side effects, CBD helps the central nervous system as well, relaxing and helping you to rest easier without much hassle.

Great Skin!

CBD oil is great for skin too! Okay, so you wouldn’t apply it right to your face necessarily, but taking it can help create glowing, fresh skin free of blemishes and acne. A definite better option than using all kinds of chemicals on your face! It helps reduce sebum production and acts as an anti-inflammatory.

Great For The Brain

It’s been clinically proven that CBD oils help those with epilepsy as well as other neurological issues such as seizures. Not only does it help people, but animals as well! CBD oil helps the neurotransmitters in the brain signal differently than usual, which aids in slowing down and even stopping problematic conditions like epilepsy.

Diabetic Prevention

While studies are early, in experiments with diabetic mice, the use of CBD oil showed at least a 50% reduction of diabetic related issues in the mice along with less related inflammation as well. This bodes well for diabetic people who want to explore alternative remedies.

Helps Other Illnesses

Not only can CBD help anxiety and depression, but it’s been shown that it can help those with more serious psychotic illnesses such as schizophrenia by reducing the symptoms associated with it. Likewise it has shown benefit in studies relating to heart health as well as shrinking cancerous tumors.

So if you’ve been wondering just why you should try CBD oil, these health benefits should get you ready to try phytocannabinoid rich tinctures to start reaping the benefits for yourself. So what are you waiting for?

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