7 best historic attractions in Dublin, Ireland

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Dublin, the city of Ireland is considered to be a land of natural and suave beauty, pristine landscapes as well as some super amazing hillsides. The cool temperate weather as well as foggy patches of this city further make the most mystical effect out of all the views. Needless to say, Dublin is one of the most popular cities of Ireland which remains flocked by a number of tourists every now and then.

Apart from the beautiful natural views and spots, the city is also known for its magnificent architecture, especially in terms of historical buildings, landmarks as well as monuments. Thus, if you have a penchant for historical monuments and structures, Dublin is certainly the place to be in.

Following are the seven best historic attractions in Dublin, Ireland that you must visit:

1. Dublin Castle:

The construction of Dublin Castle was completed in the year 1204 which clearly depicts the long and deep history of this place. The city center today, this place enjoys a very prime location which is used for all the important events, conferences, fine dining and many others. The walls of this castle exhibit everything about the invasion, famine and espionage that the castle had been through ever its very construction. This place is very original and raw and should be in your must visit list.

2. National Museum of Ireland:

There are three branches of national museum of Ireland and all of them are located in the city of Dublin. This place includes everything about the country’s archaeology, history and decorative arts as well as natural history and any art or history lover will have the best time exploring the museum. The collections found in this museums are enlightening, entertaining as well as awe-inspiring – holding a number of stories with them. It also features studies about the dark side of the politics of the country. Include a visit to this place during your trip to Ireland.

3. Trinity College Library:

Dublin has a lot to serve to all the book worms as well. The Trinity College Dublin was established in the year 1592 by the way of a royal charter for a sole purpose of educating the professionals. Today, this college is considered to be a part of the University of Dublin group and happens to be one of the most amazing historic attractions of Dublin. The library offers a wide range of study materials from all the rounds for the students here. It is also made open to the public for most number of days and is worth a visit.

4. Ardgillan Castle:

This castle is situated at a distance of 20 miles from Dublin and it should be an absolute must visit during your trip to Ireland. Built in the year 1738 by the Robert Taylor Family, this beautiful castle covers an area of 200 acres. Built following a country style theme, today this castle is all about the representation of public parks and playground facilities. There are some of the most beautiful and spectacular views around its location.

5. National Gallery of Ireland:

If you are a connoisseur of art, this place is a must visit for you. Located at the Merrion Square, the National Gallery of Ireland represents the beautiful culture as well as fine art establishments of the city. This place came into establishment in the year 1854 and was made open to public in the year 1864.  This gallery is most popular for its rich and renowned collection of the European and Irish art which also include some of the most beautiful and only Dutch Masters paintings. Art lovers are surely going to have a good time here. The admission here is free of cost.

6. Christ Church Cathedral:

Christ Church Cathedral was originally founded in the year 1028 and it contains some of the oldest and the most unique structures in all of the Great Britain. This property also houses the very popular underground crypts which have been carrying an important site of pilgrimage since the medieval time. The resting places located below the surface of this foundation are considered to be one of the most famous tourist attractions here. Both the crypts as well as cathedral are open to public for the event rentals, worship services as well as public tours.

7. Irish National War Memorial Gardens:

The Irish National War Memorial Gardens are located in the Islandbridge, Dublin and are beautiful memorials. This property is entirely dedicated to the 50,000 Irish soldiers who had sacrificed their lives at the time of the Great War from 1914—1918. This whole property includes a sunken rose garden, the Central Lawn, the avenues as well as the north terrace which fetch all the tourists an opportunity to pay homage to the lost soldiers.

Visit this beautiful historical places in the city of Dublin because a historic sight-seeing has its own sweet charm. Happy vacation.

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