6 After Dark Activities for Every Camper

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A camping holiday with friends and family is a fun, memory-worth experience. Whether you want to get away from it all, hone your survival skills, or simply spend precious quality time with family, camping has something for everyone.

Moreover, as the night kicks in and darkness settles on the campground, you can indulge in a whole myriad of activities.

That allows you to customize your interests based on where you are and on the season. Here are six thrilling after dark activities for every camper:

1. Campfire stories, songs, and dances

Regardless of how tech we become, there is always something magical about sitting around a campfire sharing stories and singing. From the earliest days of cave dwellers to today, families enjoy this experience and have been passing it from generation to generation.

Everyone can have the platform to share a story, which can be funny, scary, true, or even made up. Alternatively, choose sing-along songs and use pans and pots as instruments or have a dancing contest around the campfire.

2. Sky watching and stargazing

Nighttime camping is ideal for spotting galaxies, constellations, and other luminary bodies in the sky. While camping in the wild or remotely away from the city lights, sky watching will instigate your children’s curiosity about the sky, solar system, and universe. It can also be perfect to simply sit down and just admire the moon. Do not worry if you did not carry a telescope—your binoculars will do just fine.

3. Flashlight tag

This classic is an excellent option, particularly if you are camping with your kids. To play the game, one player should become “it” and have everyone else hide while the “it” counts to 20 or 30. All hiders will try to make it back to the base before the “it” shines light on them. For fun variation, you can have the “it” be a firefly and flash the light on and off while moving between the flashes and the other players try to find the “it”.

Note: it is crucial to find a playing spot with even ground and no obstacles. You can walk over the area before dark to remove any tripping hazards and mark boundaries for a safe area.

4. Go for a night-time walk

There is something mystic about hiking at night—it’s unsettling as it is exhilarating. It is a primal feeling and your senses heighten while the mind processes the surroundings with laser-like focus. It is recommended that you bring a flashlight; but do not use it unless you really need it. Give your eyes some minutes to adjust and be amazed by how well you can see even on a moonless night. Moreover, ensure that you follow a well-defined trail and retrace the steps once you need to return to the camp.

5. Night bowling

Bowling can seem like overkill for a camping spree, but it is simple with a little preparation. You will require:

  • six empty two-liter bottles
  • six glow sticks
  • a ball

Stick the glow sticks in the bottles to create flowing pins. Set them up anywhere there is space and create two competing teams to play.

While it is not quite the same as the bowling alley, the activity can keep you entertained all night long.

6. Play sit-down games

If you are too drained for active after dark activities, you can turn to sit-down games that do not need tons of energy. You can always bring cards or dice along when camping since they can provide much fun and are not bulky to carry.

Try different card games and dices or you can spice things up with a creative board game.

Additionally, lightweight craft activities are excellent nightlife activity. If you’re into working with wood, you can whittle and as an added bonus, you’ll have something to take home once you’re done with the trip.

The takeaway

Whether you camp in a tent, an RV, a vacation rental, camping activities don’t cease when the sun sets.

The fun and exciting night time activities can transform a typical camping into charmed, memorable experience as well as can create valuable camping traditions that instill a sense of camp culture.

With these after dark activities to explore, you can make nighttime your favorite part of camping (if it is not already!).

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