5 Ways to Create a Multipurpose Room

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Source: Unsplash | deborah cortelazzi

Whether you’re in a small abode or a large house, a multipurpose room can bring countless benefits. Not only does it save you space, but also money. Having a room that can unbox countless tricks when it comes to functionality stops you from having to shell out for more furniture in the future.

1. Fold-out bed

If there is a Swiss-army knife equivalent of furniture, it’s the fold-out bed. It provides a place for guests to enjoy a beer or two, somewhere to sit in front of the TV and a place for guests to sleep comfortably should they choose to stay the night. It means that if someone is swinging by your hometown, you won’t have to politely decline and send them to a friendly B&B. For example, opting to purchase a murphy bed Miami will provide a space-saving solution for your room.

2. Keep it bright

It may seem like an odd suggestion, but in order to make a multipurpose room, your best bet is to keep it bright. If you think about it, a dark coloured, darkly-lit room will have a limited amount of uses:

  • An indoor cinema
  • An evening dining room
  • Specific hobbies that require limited sunlight – such as photography

By maximising your use of windows, colour and light, you will invite countless possibilities. Your kitchen could transform into a day-time hangout or a place to have cocktails in the evening. Your open and breezy living room could also provide an excellent place to paint or read thanks to good lighting.

3. Movable furniture

One easy way to make a room multipurpose is to make sure all the furniture is easy to move. Having some units on wheels that can be repositioned will make it easy to transform the room in moments. This is particularly useful for shelving, chairs and tables.

4. Silhouettes

Did you know that there is such an idea as ‘visual space?’ This is the concept that very eye-catching furniture can make a room seem unnecessarily cluttered. By choosing furniture that is almost silhouette-like in appearance means that it will look sleek and blend in with the room with a certain extent. It also means you can get away with having a few extra chairs or useful pieces without making your room feel small.

5. A bar or a table?

While multipurpose rooms are often used for home offices and bonus bedrooms, a far more fun way of using a multipurpose room is to create a pop-up bar. Choosing a tall, moveable table that can seat a few stools around it has multiple uses. For evenings with friends, it could be used as a bar, or on more practical days, it can function as a kitchen island or an extra counter space.

A multipurpose room is a real saviour of space, time and money. Being able to switch up each room as and when you feel like it can create a dynamic home. It will enable you to be social with friends and family, while not feeling as if you’ve splurged on unnecessary furniture.

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