5 Travel Tips for Bladder Control

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People with OAB symptoms will face unique problems when they travel, and their condition brings about anxiety as they do not know what might happen on the way. You should not allow your spastic bladder to interfere with your travel arrangements, and one of the ways you can ensure this does not occur is embracing some ideas that are geared towards easing your experience while traveling. There are few things you could do that will ensure you enjoy your journey without having to worry about the results of your bladder letting loose.

Here are few suggestions that could help.

Pick your Seat Well

If you are going to fly, you should try to order tickets early so as to pick a seat that can give you easy access to the bathroom. Sitting close to the window in this case might not be ideal as you will have to force the person next to you to move every time you want to visit the bathroom, which will not only inconvenience their comfort, but it also disturbs you that you will be responsible for ruining the flying experience of someone.

Choose Accommodation with the Right Amenities

You also should consider choosing accommodation options with suitable toilet design . The hotel should offer all amenities you need as someone with OAB symptoms to ensure that your comfort is not inconvenienced. You also need extra bed sheets, so if the facility does not provide that it is upon you to ensure you get them, and this is in case you get any accidents at night that might demand that you change the sheets in the morning.

Buy Incontinence Pads

Female patients can do well with incontinence pads when they travel. They are effective where your symptoms include leakage occasionally. The pads will get you covered in case of an emergency and will help you avoid accidents that could get you soaked unawares, which will definitely be humiliating before people, most of whom may not understand that you have the condition. If the symptoms are severe, probably you need to look at incontinence pad comparisons or try out adult pull-ups that you can get form a local surgical supply shop.

Get a Travel Toiletry Kit

You are not guaranteed to get the toiletry you need at every public toilet you visit, so to ensure you are covered it is advisable to get a toiletry kit when traveling. This ensures you are not caught in a desperate situation. Pack these things from home to prevent any disappointments.

Consider Medication

You need some medication if you have an overactive bladder that will help to reduce the severity of your condition. Check with your doctor for the best choice before you go out for the journey and make sure to ask them about some treatments that might be required while traveling. But take note that some of these drugs come with side effects, so consult to know what to expect.

An overactive bladder should not be a barrier to you enjoying your time while traveling. You need to embrace some of the solutions suggested above that for different situations that might frustrate you. Ensure you carry all the essentials that will help you deal with the problem and also get in touch with your doctor for some advice.

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