5 Tips to Make a Zen Zone in Your Home to Get You Recharged in Between Travels

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If you’re like most travel enthusiasts, you probably don’t spend much time in your home. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put effort into designing it. In fact, if you do it right, your home could become the perfect place for recharging your batteries and getting you ready for your next adventure. But how exactly do you design a zen spot where you can curl up with your journal and just relax? Here are five tips that are guaranteed to help.

Choose a private space

The first step to designing your own zen zone is finding the right spot for it. Obviously, you need to opt for a part of your home that allows you to just lie down and relax. This means you need to choose a spot that’s not close to your children’s room or a noisy main street. The good news is, you don’t even need a lot of space for it and you should be able to design it even if you have a tiny home. All you need is enough space to put a lounge suite, a coffee table and a bookcase.

Rely on natural light

Artificial lighting is known to cause stress and produce heat. Even if you opt for LED lights, the feeling just isn’t the same. With that being said, letting in as much natural light into your zen zone as possible is highly recommended. Ideally, you’d be able to put a few seating options right next to a window and let in all the sunlight you can get. Obviously, you also need some lighting options to help you enjoy your evenings. In order to keep your spot really zen, going for candles or tiny sconces is a good idea.

Keep it comfy

There’s no point in designing your zen zone if you won’t be able to get into a relaxation mode when you’re in it. In order to be able to do so, you need comfy seating options. A single chair might come to mind but there are just so many other comfortable options out there. Not to mention that you might sometimes need company in between your travels and having multiple seating options can help. What you can do is turn to a company that offers leather lounge suites and you should be able to keep the room both comfy and stylish.

Get rid of your travel clutter

Keeping all the things you bring from your travels in your zen zone may seem like a good idea but clutter only makes it more difficult to relax. Therefore, keeping your travel clutter someplace else is your safest bet. Without these things, you should find it even easier to just relax and go back to all those amazing places you’ve been to. The same goes for the technology you can use to look at your photos and videos and keeping laptops and tablets out of your zen zone is a must.

Decorate with plants

Just because you should keep your clutter at a minimum, it doesn’t mean you can’t introduce a few plants in your new room. In fact, doing so will help you eliminate noise and make the space look beautiful. If you can pick up a few plants at the places you visit and grow them in your home, even better. You can also take a look at this list of unkillable house plants for guys and pick something you don’t have to worry about while traveling.

Even if you spend just a little time in your home, designing a perfect relaxation room will help you get prepared for your future adventures. Just don’t forget that it’s all about designing it according to your own taste and you’ll have nothing to worry about.

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