5 Tips on How to Fix Your Failed Essay

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Nothing is more disappointing than getting a first copy of your paper back from your professor and seeing it covered in red marks. After you have put hours of your time into working on something, it is upsetting when you think, “I have to rewrite my essay.” Even though the work that needs done can look overwhelming, following these five tips can help you start fixing your failed essay.

#1: Make a List of Your Teacher’s Recommendations

The bright red that professors often use to mark papers can be intimidating, especially if there are several errors in your paper or they are harsh judgers. Instead of wondering where to start, create a list of the problems that your teacher has indicated. Skip over the grammatical and spelling errors for now and look at the major problems that might exist within your essay. Consider the writing process as you do this and what order you may do these things in. For example, if there is a problem with the thesis statement, you should not research supporting details until you have narrowed your thesis.

#2: Revisit Your Thesis

One of the major reasons that a paper fails is because of a failed thesis. The thesis is the backbone of your essay and without this critical backbone, everything else can fail as well. Sometimes, the thesis is too narrow. One of the most common problems with a narrow thesis is including information that is not relevant to meet the word count. If the thesis is too broad, you will have trouble providing enough supporting research to prove that you know what you are talking.

#3: Do Additional Research

Some students only do enough research to meet the bare minimum requirements. When your essay fails, however, you may find that adding more research gives you more support for your main ideas. As you research, be sure that each source you choose works to prove your thesis. Think about the effect of clarity and how it relates to the main idea. Additionally, do not be afraid of having ‘too many’ sources. While this does mean that you have to do more reading and write more citations, it is generally worth it if you want to turn your paper around enough that it leaves the positive impact on your teacher that you are hoping for.

#4: Rely on Classmates or Friends

Even when you already have advice from your teacher, having a fellow peer look over your paper can give you confidence that you are on the right track for making improvements. If you do choose to look to a classmate or friend for help, choose one that will be honest with you. Stress that you need critical feedback—not just a pat on the back. Also, be sure that you accept their criticism well. If you are resistant or argumentative, they may be less likely to provide the feedback that you need to fix your paper.

#5: Scrap it

It can be upsetting to think that you might have to start from scratch. If you do not have a clear thesis, the research you have done is not coming through, and your ideas are not clear, however, there is no point in continuing with the essay. If you cannot repair something, have the courage to scrap the entire paper and try again. It is okay to use some of your original ideas—just be sure that they fit into the new thesis that you have chosen for the paper.

If you still find the work to be overwhelming, don’t be afraid to turn to a rewriting service like US essay writers for help. They work with professionals who are skilled in paper rewrites. They can take any work that you have done and transform it, maintaining your ideas but improving on the writing technique, focus, and research to produce an incredible essay that you can be proud submitting to your teacher.

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