5 Surprising Facts about Dubai Economy That You Need to Know

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You might have heard about Dubai as one of the coolest tourist destinations in the world. But, did you know that it is also one of the quickest ascending economies worldwide?

That is right the emirate city from UAE is a “beehive” of foreign investors, successful companies and large corporations that engage in profitable enterprises. Here are five surprising facts about the Dubai economy that you need to know if you are planning to visit or invest there:

1: Not all businesses are about oil trading

Everybody knows that Dubai and the UAE, in general, have developed thanks to the local oil industry. However, present-day Dubai is not only about oil trading. In fact, new projects by Emaar show that the real estate business is a flourishing industry. This rapidly evolving city attracts investors from abroad with luxurious properties that they can rent or own, provided that they are located in specific freehold neighborhoods.

2: Encouraging legal framework

Dubai benefits from 100% political stability and a legal framework that makes it easy and completely safe for foreign investors to start a business here. New laws allow people who do not have the UAE citizenship to own property in specific areas and add to the rapid development of the city.

3: World-class infrastructure

With an impressive architecture, fast and wide highways and office buildings with state of the art amenities, Dubai is the no.1 destination for businessmen everywhere. Companies from all over the world come to trade here, and some of them invest in local residences for their employees. One of these areas is the Emaar Beachfront apartments, Port De La Mer by Meraas, Bluewaters Residences, Madinat Jumeirah Living apartments which offers a spectacular view of the city and features a myriad of deluxe facilities.

4: A remarkable source of pure talent

Dubai does not only attract the most influent businessmen in the world, but it also lures in the most talented people worldwide from various industries. As a result, there is an immense pool of remarkably talented people that you can employ for the success of your enterprise. Upon forming your team of world-class workers, you can rent them individual apartments in affluent areas, such as the Bluewaters Island.

5: Favorable support for a high standard of living

Dubai offers endless opportunities to live an opulent lifestyle and enjoy the best things that this spectacular destination has to offer. Simply by moving to Dubai and settling in one of the new projects by Emaar, you get the chance to experience how the booming economy of Dubai influences the lives of people residing here.

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