5 Fantastic Things to Do with Your Dog This Weekend

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Your canine can be the best companion on every occasion, so why not spend an entire weekend together? Once the weather is perfect for spending time outdoors, make a plan and create a schedule that will allow you both to have fun with your pooch and maybe even teach them a few new tricks. From walking through spending time at the beach and to revising some of the previously learned skills, you can make the most of the next weekend and make your dog the happiest canine ever.


Walking is a wonderful leisure activity that not only allows you to forget about all the worries in the world and relieve some stress but also to burn some calories and maintain a lean figure. Bring your dog with you and turn an otherwise monotonous walk into an enjoyable afternoon. If you’ve trained your dog well, feel free to let them off their leash so they can explore and walk on their own. Don’t forget to pick up after your pooch in case they decide to eliminate in the middle of the park.

Train together

Weekends are perfect for outdoor activities, and cycling is certainly a great choice because it will increase your heart rate, help you tighten your legs and enjoy some fresh air. However, you should also think about bringing your dog along and have some fun being active together. It’ll take some time for you to learn how to control the dog on the leash as you cycle along, so don’t start too strong, or you might get hurt. Take a few easy laps around the neighbourhood before you go for long cycles. Furthermore, if you maybe also love to jog, your canine can be a wonderful companion on your jogging route. Depending on the breed, estimate how long a run can your pooch withstand. A greyhound and a dalmatian will be able to run long distances at a very high speed, but if you own a bulldog, don’t get your hopes up because they will not want to run.

Go to a dog park

For all the pet owners who can’t offer their dogs enough room to stretch and run, dog parks are the best solution. Spending time in nature will benefit both of you, and the dog will have a lot of fun blowing off steam as well. Just make sure you stock up on Bravecto small dog chews for your pooch to swallow before you decide to spend time outdoors. Once the trees start to bloom and the grass is finally green again, ticks will be lurking everywhere, so you’ll need to keep your canine safe. Also, if your dog is well-trained and obedient, dog parks will be their favourite playground, but if you still haven’t taught them all the rules, you’ll need to pay more attention and make sure your pet doesn’t hurt someone else’s.

Visit the beach

Do you like to swim and have your dog by your side all the time? In that case, visiting the beach can be the best way to spend quality time together this weekend. Not only will you two be able to swim together, but play fetch or just walk and run by the water as well. When you get tired, you can both just hang around on the sand, and maybe even have a nap. You may even encounter some other dogs at the beach and your dog will have even more fun than you’ve originally expected, making this weekend one for the books.

Teach them new tricks

Even if your dog has been through all the training and their skills are exceptional, it doesn’t hurt to brush up on old tricks and maybe teach your pooch new ones. Your canine’s physical and mental stimulation will also benefit from this exciting activity, so don’t be afraid to use one weekend to check if your dog is eager to learn more. Training is also very beneficial for reinforcing the bond between the dog and their master. Knowing their role and place is very important for a canine, and they’re so eager to please and learn from you that you should never hesitate to offer them this type of healthy development. Reward the dog’s every right move and always praise them so they know you appreciate their effort.

Final thoughts

Whether you go for a walk, ride a bicycle, go to the beach or a dog park or spend some time brushing up on previously learned tricks, spending time with your dog will always be invaluable. Just make sure the dog always knows that you care deeply about them and that they truly are your best friend.

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