3 Ways to Kick the Habit and Stop Smoking in 2019

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Smoking cigarettes has become a socially unacceptable habit and it has begun to cause as much damage to your social life as it has your health. Cigarettes are highly addictive and stopping smoking can be very challenging, with cravings becoming unbearable for smokers who try to quit, and often leading them back to the store to buy another pack.

Thankfully, modern technology and science are giving smokers new ways to kick the habit. Today, there are many options open to the smoker who has decided to quit, including online communities offering support and ideas to beat the cravings and stay smoke-free. Here we are going to look at three of the best ways to kick the habit in 2019.

Nicotine Replacement Therapy

Nicotine patches and gum have been around for a decade, and millions of smokers have managed to quit with their help. A tried and tested option, Nicotine Replacement Therapy now has a number of newer methods to give you a nicotine supply without having to smoke cigarettes. There are nicotine inhalers that some smokers have found effective. These work by putting nicotine cartridges in a small plastic inhaler that is similar in size to a cigarette and the action of inhaling or ‘puffing’ on these gives smokers a similar sensation to the one they get from a cigarette, which helps them stay away from tobacco products.

Electronic Cigarettes or Vapes

The biggest advancements in cigarette alternatives have been with electronic cigarettes or vape pens. After a few early years perfecting the technology, there are now vape systems available that are simple to use and give a user experience that many smokers prefer to cigarettes. By heating liquid containing nicotine, often called ‘e-juice’ or ‘e-liquid’, the vape pens provide a cool vapor that contains the nicotine ‘hit’ a smoker is used to, as well as the feeling of inhaling smoke. There are a number of manufacturers and systems, so if you are interested, you can view options here. Many long-term smokers have been astounded at how easy they found it to stop smoking cigarettes and move to vaping; they particularly enjoy the change in taste with all the flavors of liquids available.

Using Mental Therapies

Some smokers want to quit without the help of any nicotine replacement. They may not wish to replace cigarettes with another device or patches and gum. Many therapists offer programs that help you quit smoking using a number of psychological techniques, and some even use hypnosis or regression therapies to help you stop smoking. Many smokers have found these therapies have let them enter a room as a smoker and leave never needing another cigarette again.

There are a number of options available today to help smokers kick the habit and stay away from tobacco. The advancements technology has made over the last decade has brought vaping to people wanting to quit smoking, but nicotine replacement therapies are keeping up-to-date and giving smokers new ways to quit too.

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