3 Simple Tips To Connect With New People

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We interact with new people daily and we form connections everywhere. Some of these bonds grow to amaze us actually as people get their mates from there. However, it is not a walk in the park for some people connect with other. People such s introverts are not as good as how jockers will actually pick up a conversation from anywhere and leave that place feeling like they have found a new best friend. However, I have a couple of tips that will definitely up your game when connecting with new people all around. This will actually apply irrespective of the age and gender. They also work irrespective of the sexual orientation.

  1. Get a common point of contact

Most conversations will actually revolve around something that is well known to both parties. A study has shown that the highest percentage of best friends share a lot in common than just being neighbors or workmates. It is so fulfilling when you have someone with whom you can branch out any topic and you will enjoy conversing with them. It is actually a very good way to grow as you will engage in a healthy conversation with healthy criticism if the need arises and in this way, you will bond. it is usually really hard to find people who have no point of contact actually really creating a bond or connection.

  1. Be knowledgeable in a couple of fields

I once went to this conference and the keynote speaker said that if you ever feel as though you are the smartest person in the room then you are in the wrong room. I believe this also applies to friendship and creating connections. You should actually increase your basis of knowledge and actually invest if need be. If you want to create a connection with a certain person make sure that you make an intentional move to get to know more of what they like and do and by doing this, you can actually create a very good conversation. you can learn what people like but some simple things such s what they wear, talk about or even like doing. This is actually a very important skill you will pick up if you check out one of the chat line numbers in your area. When you call, the guy on the other side of the line literally knows nothing about you but by the end of the call, you will feel like you have found a confidant and a new best buddy.

  1. Be intentional

I once had this assumption that I must not be the one to start the conversation in the room or with the person that I want to connect to until I learned that I was actually stupid. For a good conversation, you need to make it intentional and have a goal that I need to get to this person and by any means, possibly create a rapport with them. Even if it means buying them lunch or coffee just make it intentional and trust me it always works.

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