“3 Reasons to Love Golf”

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The likes of Tiger Woods have made golf be an interesting game. Globally golf is considered a game for the mighty and rich. Golf has currently gained popularity and you also can play. I know getting a golf course to practice golfing can be a challenge. However, with the Algarve golf holiday, you can get to play golf from the best golf courses. Why not contact them and enjoy golf as your favorite sport.

Additionally, you might be interested in watching or playing golf. Though, you find it had to squeeze time for golfing. Why not relax while playing golf? Furthermore, if you are not enticed by playing or watching golf. The following are reasons why you should love golf.

No Age Limit

Are you young or old? Golf is a sport for all. Not like some sports when you have not attained a certain age or have reached a certain age you cannot play the sport. For example, soccer many soccer players tend to retire playing professional soccer at the age of thirty. While if you are a teenager it is hard to get playing time.

This is different in golf. No matter your age you can play golf. Currently, the professional golfer’s association champion is Brooks Koepka who was born in 1990. Other young and old players participate in different golf tournaments. Moreover, you don’t need to play professional golf. You can play it for fun.

When age is not a matter it makes the game more interesting. Which makes it fun and why you should love playing golf.


Many people have a perception that golf is hard to learn. No, that is not true. Golf is the easiest game you can play. You do not need special skills to play this sport. It is like any other game. If you have a passion for the sport it is easy to play.

You want to play golf but you fear not to play it as it’s should. With courage, you can comfortably play golf. However, you might also be discouraged. Just know golf is like football, table tennis, or volleyball. It is even the easiest game to play when compared to other sports.

Furthermore, it is not tiring, and there is no pressure when playing. Hence, it becomes easy and relaxing. Therefore, why not play golf? It is the easiest game to learn and play.

Scenic Views

Being able to traverse different countries with different landscapes while playing a sport is fantastic. That is a dream for any sportsman or woman. With golf, you can travel to different countries. That is because there are many golf courses where you can play golf.

Most of the golf courses are in areas where you will experience the best of scenes. Unlike other sports that are played in arenas. Golf is played in an open space where you will interact with different animals and sceneries. Some of the types of golf courses include:

  • Links
  • Parkland
  • Desert

Therefore, if you need to experience different scenes in various countries then that is why you should love golf.


The ability to play golf despite your age or gender can be exciting. With the gain in popularity, golf has been embraced by many people around the world. Moreover, in whatever country you go finding a golf course is easy.

Therefore, don’t be afraid of playing or be discouraged from watching golf. It is interesting as it is competitive and lively. Above are some of the reasons why you should love golf. I hope from now on you will love golf. Adios.

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