10 Perfect Souvenir Ideas for a World Traveler

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It’s great to collect some sort of memento from each new place you go. Here are 10 awesome souvenir ideas perfect to collect while traveling light.

While the number of people who have traveled the world isn’t quite known, it’s much easier to travel than ever before.

Whether you plan to travel the world during one trip or take many trips over the course of your lifetime, you’ll want to grab a souvenir or two as a keepsake.

However, most people on holiday prefer to travel light. It’s cumbersome to carry too much luggage. Then there are the airline baggage fees.

Which means the mementos need to be small. Here are 10 perfect souvenir ideas for the world traveler.

1. Magnets

As far as souvenir ideas go, magnets are a perfect choice. They are inexpensive, lightweight, and small.

You can then keep them on your refrigerator or anywhere else to remind you of all the places you’ve been to.

Best of all, they make great gifts. I once visited my brother who was living in Rio de Janeiro at the time. We went to see the statue of Christ the Redeemer. I brought back a magnet featuring the statue to my friend.

2. Maps & Tour Guides

Maps and tour guides make great souvenir ideas because you can mark the places you’ve traveled to.

Fold down the pages where you visited so that each time you open the book, you’ll know exactly where you’ve been.

They are also small and lightweight. And they’re incredibly useful before and during your trip.

Just don’t go overboard so that you end up with so many travel books that you end up with neck and shoulder pain. If the books are too heavy, just carry the maps.

Also, some maps are collectibles. Do your homework and you can start one yourself.

3. Custom Patches

If you have an iron or know how to sew then custom patches are a smart idea for you. There are tons of designs to choose from.

You can find one that best symbolizes your trip to each country and then place it on your favorite jacket. Then you have a wearable memory of your fabulous trip.

Best of all, if you want a few patches, that’s okay. Even if you fill up one coat or garment with patches, you can always start on another.

Here’s where you can learn more about custom patches as souvenirs.

4. Shot Glasses As Souvenir Ideas

If you’re a teetotaler then shot glasses may not be a great idea. For the rest of you who enjoy tasting the local spirits, then this is a great idea.

You can find shot glasses everywhere. In fact, one of my favorite shot glasses was purchased in a predominantly Muslim country at the airport.

You can create an entire collection of travel shot glasses just by going to the airport. And it’s a great way to kill time while waiting for your flight.

When you return home you can use them for parties. Whatever shot your guest chooses, they must create a cocktail that locals typically drink in the shot glasses country of origin.

5. Luggage Tags

Luggage tags work well, too. Most pieces of luggage tend to be black.

And they all sort of look the same. Luggage tags will make it much easier for you to identify your luggage when it comes down the carousel at the airport.

That means less waiting time. And luggage tags are really lightweight.

Just remember that when your luggage starts to break down, your luggage tags might too.

However, you can always transfer them to a photo album for safe keeping.

6. Bracelets

If you’re into wearing jewelry, then bracelets make great souvenir ideas. There is something unique about how jewelry is made in each country.

You’ll also find different gems or adornments on jewelry that’s specific to that country. Every place has its own traditions with jewelry.

And they’re wearable. They serve as great reminders that you can use for the rest of your life.

They make great gifts.

7. Stickers

Stickers work well as souvenir ideas, too.

There are millions of stickers to choose from. And you can place them in your diary, travel log, or in a photo album.

You can collect stickers from your favorite restaurants. Stickers from sporting events or concerts.

Then there are stickers showing the flag of the country you visited. If you want, you can incorporate a theme into your travels and collect stickers that match that theme.

8. Tickets

A lot of times when you’re traveling, you visit somewhere that gives you a ticket. Maybe you went to a rock concert in Berlin.

Then there was the movie theater in Milan where they dubbed the voices of your favorite actors.

The soccer match you saw in Dubai. The Broadway show you caught in New York.

That museum in Egypt with all the mummies.

These are memories of great times that you experienced. Tickets are easy to carry and look great in travel albums.

9. Postcards

One great suggestion for postcards as souvenir ideas is to write a postcard to yourself and the mail it back home.

That way, you have a little diary of your travels that you can share with others when you return.

Whether you send your postcard or just save them, they’re great keepsakes. Especially if you aren’t much of a photographer.

Now you have a beautiful photograph of that statue you love so much.

10. Money

While most of the money you have leftover when traveling is going to be cashed in for American funds, you can save some of it.

First off, if you plan on traveling back to that country again, having some cash on hand is always a smart idea.

Secondly, if it’s a few coins, then keeping them won’t make or break your bank account. You can start a coin collection from places you’ve traveled to.

It’s easy to keep them cataloged in a coin book and there’s always the possibility that over time, the coins might become valuable.

Travel Tips

It’s wise to do some research before you travel abroad. There are different cultures and challenges each country has.

My blog is dedicated to helping the world traveler do it right. Keep reading my blog to catch up where I am or just to read about the latest challenge I’ve given to myself.

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