Republic of Ireland Flashback Friday

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In order to update my awfully narcissistic where I’ve been map I have to write about every country that I have been to since I started travelling. Because it’s always good to laugh at yourself, here’s an embarrassing photo of the younger me (pre Vs Clock) thinking I am being cool and funny in neighbouring Ireland.


Oh, Anthony. You so funny. I bet you’re like – the only person in the world to have ever done this with this particular statue in Dublin. We are in awe of your authenticity.

From the top of my head – I remember Dublin as the perfect weekend getaway with friends as a young’n. The Guinness tour is interesting and worth spending half a day in. The capital is very expensive, but the nightlife is brilliant – particularly the famous ‘Temple Bar.’ I’m better at writing chronologically, so that’s the best I can do I’m afraid.

Sorry about that. Seeing so I have short-changed you on Ireland information – here’s is every ‘feck’ from the cult Irish TV show ‘Father Ted’ to make up for it.

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  1. Karen Middleton Reply

    someone has a lot of time on their hands xxxx

  2. Michaela Hamburg Reply

    wow, sounds interesting!

  3. Aaron Riley Reply

    Nice article! It’s true, Dublin is perfect weekend destination for family, friends and couples. In Ireland, nightlife is awesome i bet newly married will love it.