Kindness Is a Boomerang (So Throw It Hard)

February is the “The Month Of No Self-Promo,” started by Mr Niall Doherty. Get in touch with me if you want to guest post on here, or just take part and spread some happiness this month :)

Hello misery-face! Yeah you, I’m talking to you. There’s no point looking behind you, I was in fact talking to your painful looking mug!

I know you were about to switch on the news, to confirm how shit life is and how screwed we all are. And you weren’t going to stop there, oh noooo! Because you were going to do your usual and update your Facebook status with a whiny little moan, and the comfort blanket of ‘friends’, who are doing you more harm than you’ll ever know, will probably give you a ‘like,’ with equally as offensive grammar; “A no wot u mean hun, its propa  teribel.”

And then you were going to go to bed, all safe in the knowledge that the world is in fact a cruel, miserable place and there is no reason to strive, love, hope, smile, care, frolic – no point in feeling anything really.

But now I have you here and you have fell, into my gigantic web of positivity. And I’m going to make you smile. Because you’re prettier when you smile. You’ll be reluctant at first, but that’s due to your conditioning and I know that deep down, under all that sadness and negativity that you’ve been focusing on, you crave all the good stuff.

You desire them warm feelings in your stomach. You want to believe there is good out there, you want them toes to be curling and you yearn to feel good – you deserve to feel good. Watch this video, it went viral last month and it gets better every time. Open up your mind, take the message from the video and let me see that delightful beam of yours.

I’m not going to give up on you.

You will try to fight, but I WILL make you smile this February.

You are the gazelle and I am the lion. Resistance is futile.

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  1. Andrew

    Haven’t watched the clip yet but your post has made me smile – especially the Facebook friends bit :-)

  2. Jo-Jo

    Love this video, wise words as always Mr

    As you breath right now, another person takes his last.
    So stop complaining, and learn to live your life with what you got.


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