Durham City, England (Part 5 of 5) All About The Money

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Durham Cathedral: Donation an option on way out. £5 for photo taking option, £3 to climb to the top of the Cathedral, to witness Durham’s beauty from a height.

Durham Castle: £6 for 45 minute tour.

Beamish Museum: £16.

Oriental Museum: £1.50 for Adults, 75p for children above 5.

Picnic at Wharton Park: Free.

Rowing along the picturesque bed of Riverbanks: £7 for one hour (or time it to watch “The Regatta” (University boat racing championships) for free.

The Botanical Gardens: £4


Top hint: If you’re looking for budget accommodation, come to Durham in the summer when the universities halls of residence are free. When the students go home for summer, the place turns into a hostel.

For £11 a night, you’re slap bang in the middle of the city centre, with more than adequate cooking amenities and a decent sized room. In all honesty, everything else is in a higher range bracket in the centre. Bed and Breakfast can be picked up for £14-20.


Everything is pretty much in close proximity, but if you want to go to Beamish – don’t get a taxi. It’s a rip off! Plus, they’re bloody miserable. Two busses will get you there and back for £5.

Disabled access to the Cathedral runs through the city, every 15 minutes for £1.20 return.

Durham Train Station is a perfect hub to visit neighbouring Newcastle and Gateshead (£5 return)


(Disclaimer: If I don’t point out it’s good for vegetarians – it’s because it’s not)


Claypath Delicatessen: Concentrating on Mediterranean food on the cheap! Wide variety of sandwiches from £3, salad dishes from £4. *Great place for vegetarians*

Varsity: What you see is what you get, 2 pub meals for a fiver.

Treats: A selection of home-made pastries, cakes and pies; Served with pot of tea for £3.

Market Place: Generally has a European food event on, served by the natives from whatever country floats your boat. Pick up a paella for £2 or indulge in a German Bratwurst for the same price.

For a more British menu, grab a seat in the indoor market. Cheap as chips!

Treat yourself (Higher food bracket):

Fancy an Indian? Get yourself to the ‘Golden Pearl.’

Cafe Rouge: No need to say “ooh la la” while dining on the bridge, people-watching with a French food of your choice.

Zen: I saved the best until last! Award winning Thai restaurant that is a good enough reason to travel to Durham alone. No words suffice. *Great place for vegetarians*

I hope you enjoyed this introduction to Durham City and I sincerely hope I painted the picture it deserves. I would say that the perfect time to visit Durham is in the summer and the perfect time here I feel is one week.

Have you ever been to Durham? Would you ever consider going after reading this 5-part post? Is a 5-part post too long?! (Sorry! I haven’t travelled anywhere yet!)

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  1. Kirsty Reply

    Great ideas, I have forgotten how expensive things are in the UK! In Thailand anything over 100 baht (2 pounds) is expensive….


    1. Anthony Reply

      Hey Kirsty,
      Haha I bet that’s cheered you right up! 🙂

  2. Michelle Reply

    I need to mention that you missed out Whispers Cafe tucked away on North Road in Durham (next to Head of Steam pub). Constantly full of members of the silver hair brigade you will never go far wrong! They do curly fries which in itself is a winner.

    They have a great selection of sandwiches and toasties, hot meals and amazing desserts. If you just want a nice little cafe to sit in and delicious food then I utterly reccomend this place.

    I warn you – this place gets incredibly busy so you have to time it right so that you can get a seat!

    1. Anthony Reply

      Why do I not know about this place!?? I think I know Newcastle way better than I know Durham. Oh yes, the fries that curl always taste better than the straight ones. I spent a long time trying to work out why this is so, but no – it’s just one of them things that “just is.”

      I was going to go and check it out this instance, but you saying it gets busy and today being a Saturday – I’ll check it out another time. Cheers Shel 🙂 x